How to Sing with Vibrato – Baritone Range

Discover all about How to Sing with Vibrato – Baritone Range by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing with Vibrato – Baritone Range.

Vibrato is heard on many professionals voices and being able to use it as an expressive tool can be very beneficial to the sound of our music. It can also be very beneficial to our overall singing technique and the presence of it in our voices lets us know that we are producing good breath support allowing for release around the vocal fold.

In this video, keyed for Baritone range singers, I take you through some of the exercises I use for singers to help them develop a vibrato. Take your time and be patient in your practice. Keep in mind that vibrato is more about producing good airflow or breath support and allowing the vocal fold to vary along with the diaphragm. Forcing it will only result in a choppy vibrato that won’t achieve the desired results in your vocal presentation.

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8 thoughts on “How to Sing with Vibrato – Baritone Range

  1. Amos Craig says:

    great video, but if you’re listening to it on your phone as I do, the volume or sound of the electric keyboard doesn’t get through to my ears as well as the piano does. Maybe a slight volume increase on the keyboard?

  2. Chandler Milliken says:

    Jeff Rolka is da man!!!!!!!

  3. ReUp Rell says:

    ok I hit the last note almost perfect I believed, I make my own beat via the channel inbox me the secret to producing track I can sing on I’m full baritone I just learned this from your videos. help I use fl studio so I understand my bottom note is F3 top note is E5.

  4. sabin mgr says:

    jeff, I need similar exercises for baritone range.

  5. Captain Goeby says:

    Vowels always give me the worst trouble lol. Non-vowels my vibrato sounds smooth and great but I struggle with vowels =( I found that when you were playing the legato majors and minors that my vibrato was good but the separation of the E’s and then ending on a long note kinda threw me off but hey that’s how I’ve been practicing so far =)

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