43 thoughts on “How to Sing with Rasp

  1. Hey man, whenever i try this i always feel it harshly in my throat and i
    was wondering if you had any tips to get it up to where you said it should
    be? :-D

  2. So my vocal teacher said that she can’t help me with this as she only
    teaches clean safe vocals and labelled rasp as an “advanced technique”
    which I think is bullshit. Advanced technique include things like vibrato
    and belting and hitting ridiculous notes. I find that I can do rasp pretty
    easily. Like you said, it’s just using a bit more air than usual and
    singing from the back of your throat a bit more and I doesn’t hurt me at
    all. So I think she’s wrong to call it an “advanced technique”, it’s just
    an effect on top of a clean sound and the fact that i’m naturally a deep
    voiced person, I think it’s easier for me to do it and gives my voice a
    good tone than would otherwise sound boring if it was just deep and clean.
    I think she’s just put off by the fact that it’s unhealthy and there isn’t
    a professional way of teaching it.

  3. Hi Derek! I’m looking for a different kind of grit.. It sounds somewhat
    like the one you’re using in this video, but with a less frequent rasp
    (like when you’re inhaling a vocal fry) and more like a gargling sound.
    Westernhagen uses it regularly, e.g. in “Sexy” (watch?v=B5yqaGBEyKU). Any
    idea how to produce it or what this technique is called? Do you know more
    singers who use it?

  4. Hi , I have a very crystalline female voice , but to sing rock I ‘d like to
    add texture, otherwise it sounds like Amy lee. Do you know if this works
    with these type of voices? I just started these techniques, but I only
    sound like an angry old man, can’t make actual notes yet. Thanks

  5. ive seem your videos but how do you do a Rasp, WITH a growl at the same
    time? like david draimen from disturbed? any demonstrations?

  6. back again lol. so if it like, tickles and you start coughing, should you
    keep practicing and that will go away or are you doing it wrong?

  7. Hi derek, great video, i just started to sing with rasp, and when i do it i
    feel like a vibration on the back of the palate,top of the throat, i think
    that i`m pushing from my diaphragm as my stomach gets really hard when i`m
    screaming, but i get a sore throat, is that normal at the begin that your
    throats hurts a little afterwards?it doesn`t hurt while i`m doing it, and i
    know it would be me doing it wrong if this burning sensation was from the
    bottom of my throat, but since is from the top of my throat i`m kinda
    confused now? is it lack of warmup? or is it something that i have to go
    through anyway for the first weeks? i`ve only been doing this for a week or

  8. Derek, how do you transition from singing clean to raspy scream/sing? the
    best example I have right now is David (disturbed) in the sound of silence
    during the bridge. he sings real clean but occasionally adds growl to his
    voice as he goes. I can’t figure out if I’m supposed to get louder or
    closer to the mic either lol

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