How To Sing with Power and Control

Discover all about How To Sing with Power and Control by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing with Power and Control.

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41 thoughts on “How To Sing with Power and Control

  1. Nijul Cable says:

    Aaaaaahahahahaha@FistOfMichallin i see that too

  2. Keagan Oberton says:

    I’m having a little trouble understanding what you are REALLY saying. I
    tried the exercise and I didn’t know what you meant by keeping the power
    above your cheeks. Any help in future videos would be helpful. I am
    performing at my friends Quiñcera soon so I would really appreciate help to
    maximize my voice.

  3. Carolanne May says:

    I have a issue with while I’m singing I have the urge to yawn and I’m not
    sure why Can you help me?

  4. Chrissy Christel says:

    When i sing it some times sound like I’m shouting how can i stop that

  5. Kateliin x says:

    I’m always singing, I sing everywhere and I honestly want to go far in it ,
    I do it every second of the day and I always get told that i’m a lovely
    singer, thing is, I don’t believe in it? And i’m not confident enough to go
    out there and show it, what can I do to help my self-esteem in singing?

  6. AleayiahBaby says:

    I need help with riffs and runs like how to make a song sound different by

  7. Le Chanteur Moderne says:

    This is a great exercise – however, I’m confused – it seems that you are
    saying the vocal folds shorten as we go higher – voice science has shown
    this is not the case. The vocal folds stretch, tense and lengthen as we go
    higher and are shorter on lower notes – perhaps I misunderstood your image
    though. Anyhow, great lessons – keep it up!

  8. cassandra wilson says:

    I’ve been watching your videos since I started really singing a few years
    ago and you have helped me so much! THANK YOU!!!

  9. Lau Larrota says:

    How can I contact you, I’ve been looking for a vocal trainer too., and I
    couldn’t find one

  10. Natalie McLennan says:

    I can’t sing much and want to learn how to find my voice. I don’t know how
    I can change it and control it can you please make a video for beginners.
    So far your vids have been great thanks heaps

  11. Hank Prescott says:

    What to do if I’m exhausted after 2 hours of singing in different ranges
    from growl to high notes like with Judas Priest? Is there something I can
    do to sing for 1 more hour? And second question: When I sing sing for more
    than 1 hour loud I have problems with speaking normally, my voice breaks
    down if not at least medium-loud. That lasts for about 30 minutes tops
    after singing. Is there any advice You could give me regarding this issue?

  12. Jeffroslam says:

    Songs that I used to be afraid of because of that high A/B that male leads
    in musicals are supposed to hit are starting to just fall out of my throat
    all pretty like after watching some of your videos! Been trying for years
    to hit those and the one video about widening my face and learning to keep
    my swallowing muscles out of the way fixed it. I owe you! Wish I would have
    watched you before I auditioned for Rent and butchered One Song Glory, lol.

  13. Alice O'Reilly says:

    if you in ms blantons class holla swag at yo granma. gratata niggie

  14. Molly McNall says:

    The tutor sounds kinda like Obama when he talks 

  15. Megavictorias says:

    I prefer getting to the point, not to hear about the students and how they
    are getting on. You are good but you just take forever to show the viewer
    the reason they have clicked your tutorial.

  16. Emmy Gentile says:

    I feel like he just made him hold his face like that so he could sit back
    and laugh lol.

  17. Ethan Hays says:


  18. Frances Curmi says:

    Do you sell the cd set of exercises?

  19. Abiha anandakumar says:

    How do I sing without sounding nervous in my voice, when I am not? My voice
    starts to shake, when I sing a song. Another one is, that I know I am
    straining my throat REALLY much, so how can I stop straining på throat and
    start “singing like I speek” (heard this from another YouTuber.) I hope you
    can understand. Thanks :)

  20. m12acissej11 says:

    oh my god he’s sounding like him…

  21. Dokumentālists - Mažors Toms says:

    can chocolateface sing too?

  22. TGFM Presents says:

    what are the acoustics in your room , treatment wise

  23. Laltling Zova says:

    Bla bla talk tlak talk what the Fuuuu

  24. Grace Hannah Vocal Coach says:

    Oh, Roger! Your teaching style is so calming. Most singers who have these
    questions tend to strain from stress and tension in their lives – like not
    thinking their good enough, and you have the ability to make people to
    believe in themselves!! Thank you so much for helping to make this world a
    better sounding place!! Keep being amazing!
    <3 Grace.

  25. Deathly Elegant says:

    I need help i love to sing… i need help too but i am in a group home so i
    can not pay for lessons

  26. MUSICMAN2323323 says:


  27. Saint Ariana says:

    Some people say my vocal tone are bad and some say its good. But i cant
    sing. Only sing in the bathroom. I can sing with vibrato but i cant control
    my voice when singing

  28. Raymund Slanislav says:

    Some people are sooo stuuuupid!! Saying get to the point of the vid…wtf!?
    The point, examples and, demonstration are all over the video you
    dumbasses!! Listen carefully!! Smh.

  29. Willie Vanness says:

    Yeah nice….. by the way if anyone interested I can also recommend these
    online lessons. They helped me a lot. Visit

  30. Katsuro Kimura says:

    Is there a video on strengthening and belting notes in the head voice? Or a
    tutorial on mix voice?

  31. Feel free to email me or call 603-357-4693 or visit the registration page to learn about what workshops are planned.

  32. Lillian Robinson says:

    Eight out of seventeen birds managed to be taught the second track, however they didn’t do so in a single fell swoop.

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