How to SING with less STRAIN | Sing with more ENERGY | #DrDan

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How to SING with less STRAIN and sing with more ENERGY
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How can we sing with less strain? Singing is and should be a wonderful physical experience. Why then do so many singers look like they’re in pain every time they open their mouth? It all looks so effortful, but does singing need to be such hard work?

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0:13 Energy beats Effort everytime!
Energy looks like it’s working less than effort but it always produces superior results. So how can you sing with greater levels of energy without exhausting your voice with too much effort?

1:23 What is Tension Management?
Muscles want to do, and indeed can only do one thing, contract. By design, activated muscles are tense muscles. But that doesn’t mean they need to be constricted and continually tight.

2:54 Tension Management Exercise
This body alignment awareness activity really helps us to become mindful of our entire instrument as well as delegating muscular responsibility away from your shoulders, neck and throat.

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7 thoughts on “How to SING with less STRAIN | Sing with more ENERGY | #DrDan

  1. PoppyMusic says:

    This would not help with tongue and jaw tension, would it?


    Dan, I really like the phrases “tension management” and “difference between
    effort vs. energy.” This is a very realistic way to describe phonation
    particulary when singing intense vocals. You are telling it like it really

  3. lakshmanja says:

    Hi dan, I want to be able to give a lasting impression on whoever I sing to
    but I struggle to understand what I can do to do that. Is there anything
    that can give me a breakthrough to my true singing voice? By the way I
    absolutely LOVE you vids. Please keep uploading ;)

  4. Jimmy Page13 says:

    When you sing, should the sound always resonate in the mask area/ nose,
    mouth area?

  5. Luke Tyler says:

    It must be one of reason why you gain so little subscriber because you
    don’t actually demonstrate.

  6. Hisham Tawfik says:

    Dr.Dann’s I listened ur advice in another video about what is damaged the
    vocal cords im 28 and I didn’t know which kind my voice then when I want to
    start exercises I found alot of exercises on youtube for tenor, pariton
    voice and alot. how can u help me I want to send my voice to u but how ? do
    u have what’s up number or pig on facebook? I’ll be greatful :)

  7. Jon Foreman says:

    Thank you so much! Your videos are so helpful!

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