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Discover all about How To Sing With Distortion And Rasp – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing With Distortion And Rasp – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How To Sing with Distortion – .. How to sing with distortion is more powerful usingHyper Glottal Compression singing techniques. How to sing with Rasp and Distortion please watch this video

The key to singing this way is to use proper technique – if you use proper technique, you will grow a monstrous voice that can take on the world!

Watch this singing demonstration videos with vocal coach Ken Tamplin demonstrating how to sing using Hyper Glottal Compression correctly.

You can also check out more singing techniques and learn how to sing on:

41 thoughts on “How To Sing With Distortion And Rasp – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. I dont really understand where you are doing the distortion from. Is it
    like if you do a guttural scream but singing still in normal voice? In my
    experience if I try to do this with just go louder and louder it really
    dont feel good and I cant go to register after that… If I do it more
    guttural I can. So is thje guttutal thing right?

  2. Hello Ken, i have become quite good at singing with rasp but i can’t
    achieve what you are doing at 2.08. It sounds really gritty and i don’t
    know how you do it. Do you simply lean more into the “usual” way and
    support or is it a whole different technique?

  3. Also, what do you mean when you say later in the video that one needs to
    “clean up the voice” after singing with grit? Do we need to warm down ?

  4. That was pretty amazing. All my life I thought you either sing like this
    naturally, or you can’t do it at all. Turns out it’s trainable!

  5. I have been singing like Kurt Cobain for a few years and I am starting to
    have some issues. I have a lump in my throat now and the ENT said my vocal
    chords look fine, but I might have strained a muscle. What can I do to get
    back to normal and get that explosive sound?

  6. you have to train axl rose… seriously, he was in trouble now day with his
    voice… he could do rasp, but he afraid if it damaging his throat…

  7. Haven’t seen any comments about Audioslave here so I thought I might point
    out that the part with “a LOT of distortion” was done by Chris Cornell in
    the song Cochise by Audioslave and he truly is one of the best singers

  8. I really dont get it…like i dont understand what you mean by “leaning
    into it”…i cant make my voice raspy and i love raspy voices….is it
    because im young? Im only 16….

  9. Hi, Kent! Could you suggest me some “Clean vocals” songs, groups or singers
    to start working? I will appreciate so much. Love your videos!

  10. great video man I do metal vocals so the whole screamy shouty thing but I
    wanna expand my range. you say you have to go from a clean tone into the
    distorted raspy stuff but is it possible to work backwards?

  11. hey ken ,im from Malaysia ,your tips is awesome ,i must keep practice to
    get that growl voice ,huhh ,always failing ,i try to reach to the growl
    voice ,but always turn to the soft voice .haha ,i must keep practice

  12. I found you! You were so awesome on Tosh.0! Like he usually makes fun of
    people but he found your videos and your vocals are so good that he had to
    make fun of himself and the crew for not being as awesome as you!

  13. I don’t understand what you mean by, ‘leaning into the distorted sound’. Is
    there any way that you could describe that in more detail?

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