How to Sing: with Confidence!

Discover all about How to Sing: with Confidence! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing: with Confidence!.

Believing is SINGING! It’s all about having confidence & setting yourself up for success!
How To Sing Pt. 1 (Tangled) – How To Sing Pt. 2 (Little Mermaid) –

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Check out my Disney Princess in action, my recent music video; “I See the Light” from Tangled with MY handsome prince Peter Hollens 😉

Please watch: “She Used to Be Mine – Sara Bareilles – Cover by Evynne Hollens”


39 thoughts on “How to Sing: with Confidence!

  1. amy farquharson says:

    Hi! My name is Emily and I am on my mom`s channel. I liked your princess
    vids and i really want you to do a “How to sing like Mulan” video.I did a
    Mother knows Best lip sync.Please tell me if there`s anything I can do to
    improve my facial expression. Thanks!

  2. Princess Panda says:

    I wish I had discovered you and Peter sooner. Your voices are so beautiful
    and while I know I have a good voice too, I was never able to get over my
    stage fright, I couldn’t even sing in the car. So I ended up leaving choir
    and music behind for years. But since being introduced to your channels I
    have rediscovered my voice and am now singing the car louder than ever.
    Thank you for all you do. I still have yet to become truly confident in my
    singing but I am so much more comfortable than ever before. So thank you
    again! I can’t wait for your next vid!

  3. “Get out of your own way. Get out of your head. Geez.”
    “Set yourself up for success.”
    “Don’t be afraid to sound ugly.”
    What to say else? ^^
    Thanks to you Evynne for all these tips !! 😀

    Love and hugs
    Lily :)

  4. Small Business Gal says:

    These are such great tips! Thank you so much Evynne! You are so beautiful
    <3 XO

  5. Honey Vieniee says:

    this coming november14, me and my bible study group are going to perform
    amazing grace medley( combining: but for your grace, amazing grace, my
    chains are gone, and grace is greater than all sin ). its for our sunday
    school concert performance.
    every song sounds fine, but when it comes to amazing grace this song, we
    have quite some hard times to sing the low and high key. we dont have any
    special vocal training, and did not attend any music lessons at all. we can
    only learn it our own ways try our best to make it better. so our pianist
    suggest we start our songs from C key. sometimes the song goes very high
    when it reach chorus part.
    my problem is i hardly be able to carry my voice out loud enough, because i
    think i dont have that much power to push my voice out to do vibrato
    effect. and tempo beat also not really be able to follow the pianist, so in
    the end the pianist said she can only follow mine. so sad and stress when i
    cant get this right.. any tips to help me on this? =(

  6. Ruan Coetzee says:

    Hi Evynne. i like your videos and its been helping me a lot. can you make a
    video on harmonies? sometime in the future maybe? 😀 Please..

  7. Desirée Roden says:

    I really like singing on my own but I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough
    to sing for people

  8. Greg Shields says:

    Just found these. Wow and thank you! …and keep ’em coming! I would love
    to afford proper training but can’t, so these tips are welcome. I have a
    good book with a disc, but it’s nice to have the explanation and the
    example together at once.

  9. Garry Stroup says:

    I wish I could have seen this before my audition for honor choir

  10. 57Strudel says:

    Let me just add my thanks for all these videos. I started singing again
    last fall after, oh, about 22 years and yes, the brain gets right in the
    way. Your tips have really been helping get the voice back! (…and while I
    sing alto because of knowing I can’t make a pretty sound on those high
    notes, I do think I should point this video out to some of our sopranos 😀

  11. Gary William says:

    These videos are SO what I need in my life! Thank you Evynne!!

  12. Shizomaja says:

    Thank you so much for your lessons 🙂 I always have trouble with the high
    notes, but I will work on it. I now believe that some day (I hope very
    soon) I will hit that notes. Thank you so much! You are awsome

  13. Kenneth Hoopes says:

    I find singing the bass part to ‘Oh what a lucky man he was’ helps me sing
    the low notes

  14. Cassarilla says:

    This video is super helpful! I sing a lot in a small local theater. A lot
    of times when I hear the song I’m terrified of hitting certain notes so I
    will either not get there or wimp out and not support. Then sometime during
    practicing I’ll just let it go and get over the fact that it might sound
    bad. Once I hit it practicing a few times it is so much easier to sing.
    It’s all because my head stopped saying “you can’t hit it, it’s too high,
    you can’t do it” and started thinking “you’ve done this before, you’ve got
    this!” Relaxing is important!

  15. Thank you so much for this!!! I take a vocal tech class at my co-op. And
    when we have to sing in front of the class it always freaks me out, Will I
    hit the note? Is my breathin ok? Do I sound as great as everyone else? But
    this video(and all your voice lesson videos ) are really helpful.

  16. Oh my God Evynne thank you so so much! I watched this video like 100 times
    because I wanted to go up to that 1 Note and to practice it more but I just
    hit it once and then never again… That’s why I watched your video so
    often, I knew your video is the key. Just a few hours ago I got all my
    confidence together and just sang that one song with this high notes in it.
    I warmed up as normal before, sang it and didn’t hit the note. Then I
    remembered “you can hit those notes” and I DID IT!! And I was like WOW YES
    I CAN DO THIS and I did it again and again and it worked!
    Thank you so so much you helped me so much and you are so beautiful and
    thank you so much again!
    I’m going to practice more now, because of you I have now more motivation
    to move on. Thank you so so so much! <3<3<3

  17. JoyMarie201 says:

    Thank you so much for these lessons. I’ve been using them when i sing for
    my church and its been helping so much my voice is so much better.

  18. BraveEnoughToDream says:

    Beautiful lesson! wow I learned a lot… Do you currently offer Skype
    lessons? *please say yes, please say yes, please say yes*

  19. KiaraStudios says:

    I’ve really been struggling with setting myself up for failure/not
    believing I can improve. This video helped me so much! Thank you Evynne!

  20. Sara Amirali says:

    love your videos….very helpful

  21. Ria Arora says:

    can you please do a video on how to hit lower notes

  22. VideoGameHeat says:

    This was fantastic. I am a voice actor and have been wanting to get into
    singing. Thank you! :)

  23. Horton The Muppet Master says:

    So helpful!!! Thank you!

  24. Jolene Sluis says:

    I’m getting ready to cry, I REALLY needed help because… IM DOING A SOLO
    IN FRONT OF MY WHOLE SCHOOL! And I’m that ONE kid that just cant sing in
    front of people or else I will get to nervous and back down. So, thanks for
    the video today! I needed it!

  25. rainbow 561 says:

    thank you now i do covers on my channel

  26. Love those lessons of yours 🙂 I love singing it helpt me a lot , but i
    have never been in a choir or something like that , 🙂 I know im a good
    singer but also i don’t have the confidens for singing infront of people
    ..but your lessons have helpt me to be better 🙂 so thanks alot <3
    you are amazing :)

  27. Amanda Fredette says:

    Thank you so much for these tips, they are so helpful! :)

  28. Nady Leon says:

    Hello Evynne !
    This video came to me like a miracle. I was casted to play Ariel at my
    university musical, and this first weeks of rehearsals Confidence is the
    less ai felt. I actually thought that I can’t sing and that my performance
    in May will be horrible. Actually I’m a little bit scared that everyone
    will laugh and judge me cuz I know I’m not a soprano as Ariel. That are a
    few of my “problems” right now…
    But certainly watching your videos makes me feel more comfortable and I
    wish you were my singing teacher, In a way you are and you’ve really helped
    me, every time I feel bad I’ll watch this video all over again, your smile
    and Confidence made me feel conformance and believe in me… That I can do
    it and I’ll practice a lot to give a great show. I’m a total fan of you and
    admire your soul and heart and God bless your family and voice. Thanks so
    much for making this videos. 💜

  29. Theófilo Sabbioni says:

    Hello Evynne!
    Great videos! Great Lessons!

  30. Savannah Torres-O'Callaghan says:

    THANK YOU!!! This video was very helpful to me (and many others I’m sure).
    Today I auditioned to get a duet in my choir. My teacher said I did
    excellent and noticed how confident and relaxed I was. She said I would
    most likely get to sing the duet!
    Your videos have been so helpful. Thank you!!! ♥♡♥

  31. Sophie O Keane says:

    this video helped me soooo much thank you sooo much

  32. Boo Taper says:

    I live with other people and I’m uncomfortable with singing around them.
    Due to that, I can’t sing loudly and project, which I need to be able to do
    for theatre in four months. Does anyone have suggestions of where and when
    to practice singing?

  33. Nerd Chic says:

    When ever I have to sing a low note, I picture a tennis ball being thrown
    up. When ever I have to sing a high note, I picture a tennis ball being
    thrown to the ground. It helps soooo much

  34. Jexamy Corpuz says:

    feeling thankful 🙂 video saved 🙂 and so are your other videos 😀 you’re
    really really really great :)

  35. VikingEsperanza64 says:

    Evynne thanks you for making these videos. I’ve been playing music now for
    almost 6 years, I started playig the guitar when I was eleven then started
    to sing on my own when I was twelve, wich was quite hard for me ’cause my
    dad and sister were not so fond of my voice. So I starded singing in the
    choir and then I quit about two years later. Ever since I started to sing
    my dad always told me to only sing songs that suit my voice (Which was
    really annoying, ’cause he always told me to shut up when I was singing a
    song that I really liked) . Is it true that only certain songs can suit
    your voice?
    Sorry for the bad gramma.

  36. Hannah pickering says:

    Okay I can’t believe I haven’t seen this video before! 🙂 It really gave me
    a boost of confidence that i really needed. even though I’ve been in choir
    for 8 years I’ve never felt confident in myself. but thanks to this video i
    have that now. Thank you so much Evynne!!

  37. João Vitor says:

    I feel like I’m scared to sing.I love to sing but shame of people listening
    blocks me…

  38. MonsterCupcake15 says:

    Do you have any advice for people who are afraid to sing in front of
    people? I can sing (although I’m not great) but I get so nervous when I
    sing in front of other people!!!!! Any tips on how to get over this?

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