How to Sing with Confidence – with Celebrity Vocal Empowerment Coach Dot Todman

Discover all about How to Sing with Confidence – with Celebrity Vocal Empowerment Coach Dot Todman by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing with Confidence – with Celebrity Vocal Empowerment Coach Dot Todman.

Los Angeles Celebrity Vocal Coach Dot Todman talks about the difference between confidence and conceit.

27 thoughts on “How to Sing with Confidence – with Celebrity Vocal Empowerment Coach Dot Todman

  1. SOZZYLAND says:

    you helped more than you realize. with my rapping. now i’ll do my “greatest
    emcee of all time affirmation” in my head and my feelings while i’m rapping
    because i noticed my performances are AMAZING !!! when i feel so on stage !

  2. tamika PinkeezClub says:

    Wow awesome video! Thank u so much for posting this. I always feel really
    nercous and lack of confidence when singing but this helps. Ill try to use
    this :)

  3. I can’t find the proper phrase to express how inspiring this was! 🙂 So
    glad I stumbled on it, thank you so much. You’re absolutely beautiful!

  4. Julyanamusic says:

    I loved it, really! I never thought about the confidence while singing in
    that way. It makes no sense to pretend to be confident if you are not. This
    is true. And an audience would always feel it! Thank you!

  5. Rick Arcusa says:

    Wow, you truly get it. Everything you just said resonates with me. No pun

  6. Veronica King says:

    Thank you for sharing. You hit the nail right on the head.

  7. David Collins-White says:

    Hi again!
    I suppose this is just my season to hear positive feedback!
    At the age 5 I started singing in Church, I’ve always thought I wanted to
    sing on the big stage. As I got old people grew less supportive of my
    ambition to pursue a professional career as a singer. Up till age 16 I had
    been extremely confident and eager to improve my voice. My church family
    and friends all encouraged me to continue going after my dream, then that
    is when I met a friend who was the first person to tell me my singing was
    terrible. My confident began to drain out of me, I then lost sight of who I
    was because singing was all I wanted to do. I am now trying to rekindle
    that desire and ambition I once had. Sometimes I feel mad at myself for
    taking in that negative feedback and letting it destroy my confident.
    Thank you for sharing the video and hopefully with my experience some day I
    too will be able to inspire people around the world to trust yourself and
    embrace the talent you have. Never let anyone destroy your self esteem or
    confidence because you are what you THINK you are.

  8. Oh my Gosh this was so inspiring! And you are so right self love… Every
    thing thrives with love, and how can you can convey anything without first
    loving yourself. Thank you for sharing this! You’ve made me feel better as
    a singer! 

  9. Dragonfly Sparrow says:

    The part about not thinking I’m good enough for fear of not being good
    enough… You just described the entire first half of my singing life. ^_^
    This has been extremely helpful, thank you for posting. I really liked your
    video on “How to Sing With Confidence”. I subscribed. 🙂 Comment&Question
    — I often struggle with connecting with a small audience (for some reason,
    it’s more nerve-wracking to sing in front of 40 people than it is singing
    to a room of a thousand..) Can you make a video on how to connect with your
    audience? Not so much fear for me, I’m centered, I’m present.. but the
    *connection* part… That makes me more nervous than the singing part and
    it really makes me look like a zombie on stage, LOL. 

  10. Erin Mackey says:

    Thank you.
    I used to be a wonderful singer when I was younger, but couldn’t figure out
    why I was struggling so much now.. This is it. Exactly what I need to work
    on! :)

  11. kaykaybeauty37 says:

    wow this helped so much thank you omg 

  12. Jessica Hammond says:

    Thank you so much for this Dot – I’m really struggling at the moment with
    my confidence in vocal training and this has helped soooo much!

  13. scoobeedu says:

    Lovely you . Great voice by the way !

  14. taylor tinman says:

    Thanks! As singer starting off in a band I needed this gospel! I always
    second guess myself: what if I look dumb doing this, what I can’t reach
    that note (knowing I can), what if the audience doesn’t respond well, etc.
    I needed this!

  15. JAYDEE KAY says:

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 that was EXACTLY what I needed! Thank u soo much!

  16. why is hRD TO TEACH MYSELF SINGING…LOL its expensive getting teacher!

  17. Tasia Tazewell says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve had such a problem with singing with confidence and
    now I know why. Thanks for your advice

  18. Daniel Gennaro says:

    thanks for the true to the heart advice. I’m an Educator in schools, one
    topic is teen relationships where I encourage self esteem, & changing
    negative self talk, having self compassion instead, cause your right were
    so hard on ourselves, nit picking the negative. but what led me here is my
    own lack of confidence, which is why I’ve yet to play an open mic or post a
    vid. this has helped me to re think why I play music, and the 80% part is
    great, makes me think of doing it cause it’s in your heart, not trying to
    impress people. God bless you & all others lol.. I think the only you tube
    video I watched without negative comments haha let’s keep that up! much

  19. skyyflower36 says:

    ive been singing my entire life at church and at school. Ive been in
    Ensemble and State choirs. Ive been in choirs on tv but I absolutely have
    zero confidence in my own voice when I’m solo. Can someone tell me if this
    is because Im a soprano. I really want to get out in front but my arm pits
    get drenched in sweat and my stomach starts quivering so bad I have no
    diaphragm control. This video is very helpful because it is a serious
    confidence issue. maybe I should stop listening to my voice on recording
    because I absolutely hate my own voice.

  20. wow those fears were spot on for me

  21. Sarah Keane says:

    this made so much sense to me, thank you!!! :)

  22. I need that so bad! My inconfidence depresses me.

  23. David Evans says:

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