How To Sing With A RASPY voice – Voice lesson and singing tip – Paul McKay

Discover all about How To Sing With A RASPY voice – Voice lesson and singing tip – Paul McKay by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing With A RASPY voice – Voice lesson and singing tip – Paul McKay.

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How to sing with a Raspy voice will describe the mechanics of singing with a raspy voice as well as the growl, squak, or squeel. Raspy voice is a modern technique that seems be be popular, but you should still use care when applying the above techniques. How to sing with a raspy voice is a short video that summaries three categories of raspy singers. Decide which category you fit into and proceed with caution.

How to sing with a raspy voice
How to sing with a raspy voice

Riffs and runs
Riffs and runs

Voice lesson
Voice lesson
Voice lesson
singing tip

Singing Lesson
Singing Lesson

Apparently I look like Anderson Silva

43 thoughts on “How To Sing With A RASPY voice – Voice lesson and singing tip – Paul McKay

  1. steve exe ru says:

    This was really useful. Thank you!

  2. S ann Palmer says:

    I would love to growl like Fantastia

  3. alper gültekin says:

    garou from notre dame is growling during the ”belle” right?
    bythe way, great lesson Paul, very helpful!

  4. Leana Blardony says:

    Woaw I like that funkadelic vocals

  5. Anderson Spider Silva ? kkkkkkkk

  6. jaromsmusic says:

    I have noticed rasp comes very easily when good technique is in place. If
    you are singing with decent technique and you just add a little more twang
    while pushing down and out rasp usually comes pretty easy for many people.

  7. SHOCKBIRD15 says:

    Anderson Silva!!!!!!!!! lol jk

  8. Jessie Partin says:

    As a metal vocalist. I am entirely gravel. My voice has no problem or hurt
    doing it. You should do a follow up video for transitioning from just a
    little rhasp to a full out gravel like louis armstrong or Lemmy. +

  9. Dennis Douglas says:

    dugbudda247 on instagram. This guy is so dope. Voice so flawless. I would
    love some one on one.

  10. Carlton Banks says:

    Ver very very

    too much

    This saved my life bb

  11. Paula Vanesa Balassanian says:

    Hi, I ‘m from Argentina and I am in search of a technical name that you
    name in this video, but I fail to understand the word . You samples and
    name it 2.17 and 2.06 of this video minutes . What would be the name that
    sound? you could upload video techniques to achieve this? Thank you!

  12. chris ortiz says:

    Drugs damage voice… guess he hasnt heard the weeknd lol

  13. Immortal Songs says:

    I have a raspy voice due to vocal damage . I hate my voice :'(

  14. Daniel Joseph says:

    will stuff like this kill my voice? bands like three days grace, soad, sum
    41 and so on

  15. I tried this and i sound constipated lol

  16. Mister Babadook says:

    I came here to be a thrash metal vocalist.

    …I wasn’t satisfied.

  17. Renee Stoddart says:

    my whisper sounds like a normal whisper what am I doing wrong? and I don’t
    know whats happening for my “growl” lol help!!!!

  18. marinecam says:

    came across this vid looking for ways to improve my voice as I haven’t been
    singing regularly for a few weeks, and my vocal style is a little gritty.
    just wanted to tell you that you are an excellent teacher, you would make a
    great music professor honestly. I’d also like to add that people interested
    in singing with some rasp or dirt should first work a lot on strengthening
    their vocal cords and diaphragm. stronger voice = less chance of damage.
    think of yoga poses; people are able to stretch their bodies in ways that
    would tear a muscle or ligament in the average person. but they got there
    gradually, by strengthening and limbering their body til it got to that
    point. same thing for voices!

  19. dansk björn says:

    John stapleton, a mid-high baritone , is a typical example of a guy who
    hits those high notes (G#4, Bb4) with tons of whiskey like grit, in his
    song parachute…

  20. Lisbette Chu Avalo says:

    holy crappie it works yahhhhh

  21. ching man hui says:

    hahha you are great! i laughed when you growled in chest voice😋😋😋

  22. Peter Jensen says:

    Smoke 20 blunts ! Achieve YOUR raspy voice today!

  23. Emman Pilapil says:

    hey bro, ive had this “hoarse voice” since i was like 11 or 12 and im 18
    now so its been 6 or 7 years that ive been dealing with this voice. i sound
    like batman to others and sometimes i get embarassed by that and sometimes
    i just embrace it. i just want to share this to you, idk if you’ll be able
    to help me. anyways thanks! great video btw

  24. GrahamsNaturalCurls says:

    OMG, i want to learn the growl for sooooooo long but never found a teacher
    who can help me. I need to try this.

  25. “orr … smoking …uhhh” hahahah, loved that

  26. its weird.. i been beatboxing for a few years and i can do most singing
    techniques some how o.0 so weird … my rhythm just sucks sadly tho

  27. Joey Dime says:

    you have got to try out for the voice

  28. Henson Asuncion says:

    Say no *raises both thumbs” to drugs XD

  29. Lauren Hills says:

    i try this and i sound like a dying whale lol

  30. Cabana Funk says:

    hey man! I really like the tone you get when adding that growl like sound
    to your mixed voice but just one question! I’m gonna practice this when I
    get the chance but any tips about how to shape your mouth or anything to
    make the process smoother?

  31. disconsolatebliss says:

    omg I had this video on loudspeaker (it’s the first time I’m watching his
    videos) and within the first 10secs he just screamed/sang into the mike
    without warning long story short I think I am deaf now

  32. Adrian Young says:

    I can’t get it! I really want to learn!

  33. Jazmin Barnett says:

    i had a raspy voice for a week from singing bette davis eyes lol i think
    this way is healthier 😂 good video xx

  34. SplicedPenguin says:

    my voice is allergic to raspyness and i hate it

  35. The singer will be taught that even whether or not one is sitting or standing will have an effect on the diaphragm, the singer’s respiration, and the resulting sounds that the singer produces.

  36. Anthony Thompson says:

    Do you need one thing to play snug songs with at family or social gatherings?

  37. Isabella Hart says:

    Thanks so much for watching this voice lesson on how to sing Hello by Adele.

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