How To Sing Whistle Notes Like Mariah Carey: Part 2 (Tutorial)

Discover all about How To Sing Whistle Notes Like Mariah Carey: Part 2 (Tutorial) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Whistle Notes Like Mariah Carey: Part 2 (Tutorial).

Here it is! As per requested, a second video on whistle tones! In this video, I show you the best exercise to learn to sing whistle notes. This method involves using the vocal fry technique to relax the neck muscles, so if you don’t know how to do that, watch my video here:

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing Whistle Notes Like Mariah Carey: Part 2 (Tutorial)

  1. Vulnerability says:

    I was able to do whistle tones and very incredibly for a year but it took a
    while to acquire them. I stopped for a few months and developed my head
    voice and mixing but then I tried whistling but I can only do the warmup
    trills and I can’t hold them like before. What can I do to be able to sing
    them again. All other areas of my voice improved.

  2. FLSnlVEVO says:

    Why am I so jealous to this… I did it several times and every time I
    sound like a vacuum cleaner that’s turned off. more like: iiieewww (and
    then from the www height to the lower iiieewww). plzz help me😣😣😣

  3. Hendika Sinaga says:

    I tray it but I got falseto like comes from my head 😐

  4. Tamiloveschocolate says:

    HEYY thaaanks alot for this video it helped me alot ☺☺

  5. Hector Gabriel says:

    Lol I kinda have a problem. I found out how I can squeak my voice but it’s
    so silent. I wonder how can I project my voice or make it louder? If I try
    to make it louder, I’d crack and make a breathy mistake.

  6. I’ve been doing whistle notes for about three days, but they didn’t sound
    that loud. Now I understand why, it’s because my muscles where tense when
    thy should be relaxed. Thanks for uploading this video. If you have any tip
    to make the whistle notes to sound louder I’ll appreciate it very much.😁😉

  7. Meiji Zapico says:

    this is so awesome. thank you so much for sharing! 😊😊😊

  8. i did the neck massage way to often cuz it felt so good

  9. I’m not able to enter the whistle yet, but I hope that this will help me
    and I will practice this the next days and see how it goes :)

  10. Franz Blum Van says:

    I don’t understand how u can you can reach lower notes than me i mean i am
    a leggero tenor i can do coloratura but when I up to these level it feels

  11. Micky San says:

    I’m so unlucky!! my neck is really sensitive, I can’t even rub it, it hurts

  12. Unknown Paradise says:

    Lovely whistle nice technique

  13. JamesJon1187 says:

    Has anyone told you look kinda Andrew Garfield?
    Interesting vid. Gunnu give it a go. Thanks for making it.

  14. Love Vocals says:

    Now, these are actual whistles. In your other video, you were using high

  15. I am not sure did I did it, mine is shaky

  16. jacqualine may chan says:

    Agreed! It’s like when u first learn how to swim. The basic need is insane
    relaxation to stay afloat (to condition our vocal chords for the right
    opening). Wonderful explanation. I never shut up since I discovered that
    register lol.

  17. TAREQ GAGA says:

    Where was this when I needed it??? I’ll try this and be sure to leave a

  18. Josue Manriquez says:

    i can get up like to a g7 but i cant control it anymore like i used to
    before what can i do

  19. Ngasiirwe “Ngasii” Katushabe says:

    All the videos and reads I have checked out have mentioned relaxation.
    Seeing this helps a lot! Thank you so much for this. I am about to confuse
    a lot of people LOL

  20. rose gold says:

    how do you know if you’ve done it?

  21. Thee sound isn’t coming out😢😢😭😭😔😔

  22. oh my gosh😱😱😱…. sound came out…not so clear but yeah….I missed my
    whistle…I’m back!!!! Thank you!..went up to A6!!!!❤❤

  23. My throat muscles hurt , by my larynx

  24. fahimmuchi says:

    I will try this out, I have a question about getting into the subharmonic
    register, I can barely do vocal fry like when I try to do it I hear this
    buzzy sound,its kinda hard to explain but it doesnt feel natural, i had
    some vocal injuries before from doing pulling chest rather than going into
    mix, do you think I have vocal nodules or is it something else? please help
    me out

  25. Kenan Hasani says:

    You helped me a lot with this video .The whistle came out when i did The
    massage.Thank you.

  26. John Rey Lim says:

    oh my god!!! I have a whistle note..

  27. Yewo Mwandira says:

    I’m so lost. When I relax I do whistle notes sometimes but they don’t come
    out loud.

  28. Rowen ILS says:

    omg i heard a little squeek, HAHA im so happy now

  29. Zain Arif says:

    An andrew garfield who can sing, date me pls

  30. I need help singing over g5 and whistle notes

  31. Yazmin Holland says:

    Before this video I could only hit A6 and after I could hit A#6 so I guess
    it’s a good thing.

  32. SelphieFairy says:

    I don’t really get why it’s so hard to believe people men or people who
    have low voices can sing incredibly high. if you can understand that high
    notes = small space between the vocal chords, then you realize ANYONE can
    do that with the proper control. what’s hard is creating LARGE space for
    low notes. so really, the impressive thing is the ability to sing really
    low, since that really does hinder on your biology to a much larger extent.

  33. Lived Roy says:

    thanks for the video …. still practicing to have that whistle note like
    mariah and morissette amon

  34. Gavin McCune says:

    I lost my whistle register at a young age around 9. my dad told me not to
    scream like a girl so I subconsciously destroyed it so he wouldn’t ever
    have to say that to me again. (i tried to speak, laugh, and talk with a
    deeper voice; even before puberty). After that at around 16, I lost my
    falsetto after becoming very very sick with a terrible cold. years after
    now I’m 22 and I just now (after so much work) got the lowest register in
    falsetto back! and I am getting higher!!

    This exercise is unheard of for me and so I am very excited to use it for a
    while to see if I can get back what I lost. Thank you so much for sharing
    your educated ideas!

  35. wow thank you, that actually helps a lot. I have always had a really slight
    whistle register, and never knew a method to practice it. That really helps
    and works.

  36. Claire Weber says:

    They should also be taught to interact with other singers of their age and people senior to them as nicely, to realize information about new and upcoming music.

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