How to Sing Vibrato

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How to Sing Vibrato by Steve Childs of VirtualVoiceLessons.Net

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There are three types of vibrato, only one of which is correct. Learn how to sing vibrato correctly with this video. Learn more about vibrato and singing techniques for all styles of music with our online voice lessons program.

We learn to sing vibrato by using exercises that use a technique called bobbing. This is done by slowing down our vibrato and then slowly speeding up until the appropriate number of undulations is reached.

This is the only vibrato lesson with on screen display (via wave form) of pitch variation while singing. You will see how vibrato differs from tremolo and bobbing by the size and frequency of the wave forms for each vocal technique.

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9 thoughts on “How to Sing Vibrato

  1. says:

    It’s really great the how you explain the different ways to sing vibrato. A
    lot of people seem to get it wrong and other teachers don’t explain it

  2. MustardSeedish says:

    What a great little lesson. After having my thyroid removed I seemed to
    have lost my vibrato. This really helps. Thank you!

  3. Joaquín Valdez says:

    -AMAZING!! 🙂 I learned a lot.

  4. cloudybrain says:

    okay best lesson on vibrato by far..

  5. funkmaistro says:

    incredible good lesson =) i finally understod it ! thx

  6. Jim Thompson says:

    I miss ya Steve, and your training… I’ll be back shortly. Great teacher

  7. Yan Clark says:

    Best explanation I’ve ever heard so far! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Elisabeth Eriksson says:

    Maybe it’s like the swinging of the arms when you walk.

  9. Aliyah Proctor says:

    You’re all the time singing together with what’s taking part in on the radio or CD player.

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