How to Sing Using Your Chest Voice | Singing Lessons

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20 thoughts on “How to Sing Using Your Chest Voice | Singing Lessons

  1. rohan kalanje says:

    Why is she referring to woman so much?

  2. aug971020 says:

    Why is there a black Woman on the cover when there isn’t even a black Woman
    in the video….

  3. JayTeeCee808 says:

    false advertisement, it’s everywhere

  4. Domesticgoddes5 says:

    Is she trying to irritate my sexist views by referring to women so much.

  5. rebekha ragunan says:

    no offence but she doesnt sing that good but my voice is probably crappier

  6. she died, u know how that be in all media.

  7. Abbie Cassidy says:

    “And this is my, friend…”

  8. Sophia ソフィア says:

    -.- she I not even teaching I need help to get the damn sound when she says

  9. Sarah Quinones says:

    Bruh you need to stop singing from your nose like foreal doe!!

  10. Ok chill on the blush and this doesn’t even tech you anything

  11. Czarina Daza says:

    It’s dangerous to sing in your chest you know.

  12. Katrina Mae Doble says:

    her vibrato needs to be controlled!

  13. Fluff Of Fuzz says:

    How does this even help me? By the way why is there a different person on
    the thumbnail then you. You also refer to woman a lot, why?

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