How To Sing “Touch It” High Falsettos by Ariana Grande! 😍

Discover all about How To Sing “Touch It” High Falsettos by Ariana Grande! 😍 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing “Touch It” High Falsettos by Ariana Grande! 😍.

We break down the falsettos in “Touch It” By Ariana Grande and learn it together! It will get annoying if you don’t try it with me. We repeat it a lot to learn the riff and take it step-by-step. It’s not perfect, I know.
1. Warm Up with me.
2. Slow it down.
3. Learn the riff. *Take your time* (took me a while to learn)
4. Octave lower
5. Buzz the riff
6. Sing it. Speed it up. Sing it again.
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Creds: Touch It Falsettos! (press gear button to the video and slow down the speed!)


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40 thoughts on “How To Sing “Touch It” High Falsettos by Ariana Grande! 😍

  1. Anne-Roos Schilder says:

    Can you sing No Tears Left To Cry? Your so talented❤️

  2. Unicorn, Starbucks!! says:

    This is a very hard song. I tried it and I’m impressed that you imagined. I gave up until I saw your video and now I can do it. Let’s hope you become a well known singer through out the world

  3. josue leon says:

    Omg If you do a cover of “no tears to cry” I’ll love admire you forever!!!!!!

  4. kevelin martins says:


  5. 👏x 100 send help but WE’RE ALMOST AT 100,000 ZANIACSS

  6. shaz 1013 says:

    Tried to sing along…sound like dying goat lol

  7. Alejandra Martinez says:

    Cool video… Regards from Bogota Colombia 🇨🇴😘

  8. liklesh purgass says:

    Zane you are just amazing 💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Charlieciouss says:

    Please also do the PYT runs of Tori Kelly please!!!! 😘💋

  10. Navegando Por Frases says:


  11. Mustafa Grande says:

    i love you zane can you reaction my video

  12. What app/setup are you using….well…on the computer?The one you used for mixing.??????

  13. If by any chance you know Halsey ….what’s your favourite song of hers ????
    Edit: Alsoooo You’re an amazing person
    Love 💟💟💟💟

  14. Dang Zane. Can you sing opera more often, lol.

  15. Dianne Abregana says:

    My face need MDacne right now. hehehe 😂 Btw this video is really helpful. Thankyou 😘💜 ily.

  16. Goosebumps On says:

    Zane you are so close to 100k you deserveee it💖

  17. Goyong Arellano says:

    Taga san kaya sya sa pilipinas? Haha

  18. Dianne Abregana says:

    it’s 12:22 am right now, here in philippines but I need to watch this. Love your videos 😍🤗

  19. GenderlessDonkeh ._. says:

    💧ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou💧

    Oh and 💜💜💜 😀

  20. Gabriel Oratil Videos says:

    What’s the intro song?

  21. Facundo Aguirre says:

    Thanks for make this video, I love this song. Btw, tour skin looks so good

  22. Do please “ thinking bout you of Ariana grande ”

  23. Justin Scott says:

    wow holy crap can you post a full cover of the song?

  24. Ace Balbarino says:

    Wow youre soo good 😍😍😍😘😘

  25. Can U do a cover of No tears left to cry?💞

  26. my friend that sing soprano with me (im alto) just learned how to do the wistle note it sounds so cool

  27. Saara Waak says:

    Can you do No tears left to cry ??

  28. Arion A-shally says:

    How do you edit you videos???

  29. Shariell Graham' says:

    Yassss thanks for this I want to learn you should make a video about what techniques Ariana does

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