How to sing The Night Before Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies

Discover all about How to sing The Night Before Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing The Night Before Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies.

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Learn how to sing The night before vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on The night before harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “How to sing The Night Before Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies

  1. Gus Flannigan says:

    I like your harmonies, very nice. I’ve done a video of my own to show you
    how to make a harmonising video just using a camera, have a look.

  2. George Miranda de Souza says:

    This is beautiful. Can you try “Another Girl”?

  3. gregorheinrich says:

    @corksmusic1 genes, I would guess. I have the same “problem”

  4. Scott Boydle says:

    You Rock. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  5. powergirl901 says:

    You show a title of “John’ Vocal Part” but you said that Paul and George
    did the vocals. So who is this John character?

  6. Walrus Real says:


  7. leoscaniav8 says:

    imcarrying….I especially love THE NIGHT BEFORE, one of my favorite songs
    of the quartet friend ……. very beautiful work, matching score of 10,
    when you can put Hello good bye and also you’re going to lose that girl
    …. hug.

  8. MuskateerGripWeed says:

    amazing …. thanks for showing us..

  9. Britishmania Beatles Tribute Band says:

    would love a breakdown of Sgt. Pepper!

  10. Robert Freeman says:


  11. Robert Freeman says:

    Can You Show Me The Song Revolution? I NEED SO MUCH! THANKS FOR ALL!

  12. Ron Krull says:

    I just found you…what a great resource – thanks!

  13. SuperChessta says:

    Many thanks for breaking it down . It has made the harmonies so much easier
    to sing

  14. What voice effect do you use in Paul McCartney’s voice? I Need to know

  15. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    It’s just a bit of reverb from Garage Band.

  16. Luis Martínez says:

    You don´t have an idea of how much your videos have helped me. Total thanks!

  17. funguy4utube says:

    When you break down the Beatles … voices … guitar .. bass .. and
    drumming you become more and more amazed at just how ‘GENIUS’ they were.
    Such a fortunate joining of talented forces that came together at that
    special time and place. I play guitar and it never ceases to amaze me how
    varied and complex and beautiful their legacy is.

  18. Tony Lawson says:

    What type of microphone are you using Galeazzo?

  19. TheSolar420 says:

    You are amazing!! I have been trying to learn how to harmonize for a long
    time. THANKS!!!!

  20. Mau Ferrusca says:

    Really, seriously good. Thank you, your videos are so simple yet precise
    and correct. 🙂

  21. David Aguayo says:

    Good job Mr. Frudua, I hope you dont mind my input when I say that you had
    reversed John and George’s chorus parts. George sang the upper register
    part and John sang on the lower register. Im certain of that. Keep up the
    good work my friend..

  22. Daniel Andara says:

    I can´t hear you comments Mr Frudua…please check it ASAP

  23. Dimpflbruder says:

    wow respect…..great singer and also very easy explained…..

  24. Barney Woodson says:

    It’s george and John not George and Paul

  25. Francisco Javier Sánchez Angulo says:

    What wonderful harmonies! People like you help to see the complexity behind
    a song. A huge help for many people who love music. I also I have this song
    on my channel, I’d love to hear your opinion. Thank you, and do not stop!

  26. capuleto rolebra says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooood , no stop , no stop

  27. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Yes sorry I inverted the notes.

  28. These are AMAZING tutorials! … You have a great voice too! Alas one
    strange thing is that in this one, the volume is fine when you sing, but
    the narration volume is very low.

  29. Thierry G says:

    I was wondering if you double tracked each voice….You’re still doing a
    great job, my friend….I wish I could have your voice…..Keep on rockin’

  30. Pati Smith-Hanvy says:

    This is actually a VERY well done set of videos! Harmony is not so
    terrible to learn and makes the songs so much richer! I worked hard to
    teach these things to my kids and it was really fun and has made their
    lives richer for it musically! Thank you for these

  31. Danielle Adonis says:

    Please do Baby It’s you :)

  32. Great Job! I was in Bologna about 3 1/2 years ago ( my Father lives in
    Italy) and wish I had a chance to meet you – I’ve been playing Beatles for
    over 35 years ( I was born and live in Canada). Nice to see you’re keeping
    the Beatles alive and helping people learn the vocals and harmony parts.
    Thanks and keep it up. Our Band is playing a gig in September ( A 7 song
    Beatles Set) lots of fun! take care.

  33. Jeff Allen says:

    – – – The Beatles – The Night Before – – –

    Written mainly by Paul McCartney, The Night Before was featured in Help!
    during the scene filmed on Salisbury Plain, England. John Lennon said
    “That’s Paul again. I’ll just say it’s Paul, meaning I don’t remember
    anything about it except it was in the movie Help!”

    One of the song’s most notable features was the guitar solo, double tracked
    an octave apart, and played by McCartney and Harrison. John Lennon,
    meanwhile, played a Hohner Pianet electric piano, which gave the song much
    of its drive.

    McCartney played the song on 15 July 2011 at Yankee Stadium, stating from
    the stage that it was the first time he had performed the song in concert.

    – – – Beatlemaniam – The Night Before – – –

    Another great song by The Beatles with an equally great tutorial by
    Galeazzo Frudua. I followed Galeazzo’s instructions and … voila … another
    high-quality recreation of what I consider to be one of the 300 or so
    Beatle Masterpieces! Notice the vocals are double-tracked in the same
    fashion as The Beatles. The only change I made was that I added the very
    last phrase of the very last chorus in three-part harmony.

    NOTE: There is some sort of clipping going on during certain parts of this
    song. Bear with all that as I am learning to record with a new microphone
    but I’ll iron out those kinks shortly.

    — CREDITS —

    All lead and backup vocals performed by Jeff Allen. Vocals arrangements
    helped by The Great Galeazzo Frudua who hosts the “Learn Amazing Vocal
    Harmony” channel on YouTube.

    Instrumental rights provided by Tency Music (Lille, France) via
    karaoke-version dot com.

  34. Thank you very much for your amazing tutorials!! I follow you since a long
    time 🙂

    I recorded a cover of this song with your help.

  35. Well done, again. However you switched the backing vocals. The lower vocal
    is John and the upper harmony is George.

  36. 森輝明 says:

    I’m a Japanese guy studying English .
    Not only song but also pronunciation is good for me!

  37. Laura performs regularly herself, and actively encourages students in their development outside of the studio with gigging and performance, and has been a regular judge for Live & Unsigned UK and OPEN MIC UK. She has also played guitar in the Voxbox Singing Studio’s house band, which supports the development of upcoming artists.

  38. A tenor has a high vocal vary that permits the singer to achieve dramatic high notes.

  39. Trinity Leonard says:

    As a consequence many individuals have a false notion of what a good looking voice is, and imagine that there isn’t a value in singing until we will ‘compete’ on the obvious (extremely produced and often digitally enhanced) standards of singing on TV. Many people sing regardless, and like it, and sound great, and really feel nice for doing it. They have discovered what everyone else can uncover – that human beings all actually and naturally already know how you can sing.

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