How to Sing the Blues – Singing Lesson

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In this video I briefly explain how the twelve bar blues progression is formed, how to form the chords for it and also how to create the blues scale that is commonly used for blues soloing and melody creation.

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8 thoughts on “How to Sing the Blues – Singing Lesson”

  1. Trust me I didn’t understand anything till 3:30 approx .. gosh I was like
    what is going on :p .. but I’ll def. practise these .. however I’ve a doubt
    , should I sing these in chest voice? coz most of these jazz artists have a
    very strong chest voice and they sing most of their stuffs in chest voice
    .. plus which vowel should I use while singing? … yup Btw my head voice
    improved a lot .. I’ll post some clips so that you can analyse 🙂 thanks a
    ton (Y)

  2. great content Jeff thank you. I have been working my way through your
    lessons. Good lighting in this video too.

  3. i love singing along to these ^_^
    could you please please make a longer version of these bluesy riffs ???

  4. If individuals lived, in sonorous singing communities, as all individuals as soon as did, you would already be satisfied of this view.

  5. Whistle voice or superhead is the top end of the vocal range which sounds similar to a whistle or squeal.

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