How To Sing – The Basics Of How To Sing Better

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How To Sing Better Review

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43 thoughts on “How To Sing – The Basics Of How To Sing Better

  1. my attention span… i…i can’t… trying.. fading… *bored* nope

  2. EPereda1995 says:

    Is it possible to be able to sing in one language and not the other?
    (Bi-lingual speakers)

  3. reavenand johnvlogpranks says:

    I’ve been watching like almost all of this guys video’s and still I’ve
    never heard him sing..

  4. sonya jones says:

    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gizmos Monster says:

    i’ll just get a teacher..

  6. Mr.Nuclear101 says:

    You always change the subject to go online for lessons

  7. Nycole moviestarplanet says:

    You talk TO MUCH so I didn’t watch it just get to the point -_-

  8. i got nothing out of this besides the ( ehhhhh )

  9. Skyler Ruse says:

    nice tips but he could use some clips on here

  10. I watched the video on the website and no offense… IT SUCKED! YOU SHOULD
    PROBABLY EXPLAIN ‘VOCAL AGILITY” OR WHATEVER. All those “good reviews” are

  11. Neighbor Joe says:

    Go ahead and pause/dislike the video, it’s just a commercial.

  12. Well I think he relly atcherly showed me something Jordyn.

  13. Rajit Timilsina says:

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  14. ali daoudi says:

    1 learn to sing ,2 practice , 3- look like a model -_-

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  16. I think you used to play at my youth group in nj years ago :O

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  18. Vocal Therapy Success says:

    Wow thanks! I’m a vocal therapist/singing trainer too and I appreciate you
    sharing 😉 

  19. wesleysull says:

    this is not a how to, this is an ad.

  20. Anguracha91 says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been practicing your advice and it has been really

  21. Llama Time says:

    Anyone here from vine? (Daz_Black)

  22. sj,shahadat says:

    I know,,,but where I will start my carrier??

  23. Atri Sengupta says:

    I sing from my diaphragm but still I sound like a kid please help

  24. Peyton Dunham says:

    i am here because daz black too

  25. HeyImLucy says:

    i searched this up just kidding but im surprised there are videos that
    actually help people to sing better… thank u

  26. Estelle J. Mathews says:

    I purchased this as I am trying to be a better singer.(Click Here To Know
    More Information>>>

    ). It has helped me to understand how important simple things like
    breathing and posture are. I always sounded kind of weak and I think the
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  27. MightyMidget 1701 says:

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  28. Logic Gamer says:

    Does everyone born with a good voice or u need to develop it?

  29. Damon Avoza says:

    I need help when I sing I yawn and cough or sneeze.

  30. If you’ve followed all of the previous steps in this guide you are sure to fill the hall with clamouring fans.

  31. Many professional singers develop into a voice mentor in the later stage of their careers.

  32. In this bonus article you will learn exactly how to prevent vocal nodes, how to stop your voice from breaking, how to cure a scratchy throat in less then five minutes and so much more!

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