How To Sing – Stop Being so SHY!!

Discover all about How To Sing – Stop Being so SHY!! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing – Stop Being so SHY!!.

How to sing stop being shy. Paul McKay explains the importance of attempting new skills without reserve or apprehension. Stop being shy, is an important word of advise if you want to learn how to sing, not just sing, I mean… REALLY REALLY sing. When you are solitary and nobody is around, that’s your chance. How else are you going to learn how to sing? Stop being SHY! Voice lesson

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how to sing
how to sing
how to sing

Stop being shy
stop being shy
stop being shy
stop being shy

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Singing lessons
Singing lessons
Singing lessons

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Voice lessons
Voice lessons

43 thoughts on “How To Sing – Stop Being so SHY!!

  1. purpleglitter7 says:

    Thanks I needed to hear this. Great voice too!

  2. Keila Jay says:

    I can’t project my voice across a room, even when I speak. This is one
    thing I REALLY wish to improve, amongst other things. Any suggestions or
    videos for this?

  3. Jack Thread says:

    How are you shy by yourself? you might need therapy for that

  4. Monsta Moves says:

    Every fink he’s saying is what I do

  5. lamarion3 says:

    Paul is there anyway I can send you a very short video of my voice and if
    you could please give me pointers in what ciuld help me I would truly
    appreciate it

  6. Dariolicious Sleaze says:

    Same problem here^^ But i accepted it…. I got a very strong headvoice
    register and i understand that not everybody likes an Axl Rose/Rob Halford
    in their house x) It’s loud and annoying, and that i’ve found my mixed
    voice it’s very uncontrolled right now, but i will fucking do that! Great
    Videos by the way! You’re telling it just like my vocal teacher does 😉

  7. Elephant Karma says:

    I want to get better at doing the wistle register or c7, you know that high
    pitch Mariah C. does. Pls enlighten me!

  8. Aramys Hayes says:

    I really needed to here this thanks

  9. Nina Kasozi says:

    This is dedicated to me boy lol

  10. maria49005 says:

    So inspirational video!I was thinking of the same too!I mean,I guess that
    Beyonce,Aguilera,Ne-Yo and others have really worked by them voices when
    being alone, without being afraid of how they sound,bcause nobody’s
    perfect,their voices are their “given” charisma,but the riffs are something
    not genetic (though I’ve heard this,but I don’t think so,tell us your
    opinion),their mostly “mind” and ear issue.That’s how the evolved their
    craft, all in all.

  11. I’m so afraid of even singing to myself when I’m by myself I feel like
    throwing up I’m so nervous even by myself what’s wrong with me:(

  12. 19 seconds in you got a laugh from me! haha experience affirmed thank you
    sir Paul Mckay 

  13. ThisIsCivic says:

    it’s hard to sing loud cause I live in a apartment haha
    I’ve been dreaming to be in a band and be like my favorite bands but it’s
    this frickin shyness that’s stopping me. I never had any lessons of course
    I have to take some someday if I’m seriously thinking of being in a band
    such as GC, TDG & MCR. I never sang in front of people before and I’ve been
    meaning to tape myself and w/e so in someway I can boost up my confidence.
    I don’t think I have a horrible voice but it’s decent. How can I overcome?
    I know you have to suck it up and just do it but it can’t be that easy

  14. reema muhammad says:

    This guy is amazing !! I wish i could train with him..

  15. Stone Clark says:

    I can sing but I feel that my voice is not being used to its full potential
    but I don’t know how to get there!

  16. OTF JAMES OBEEZY says:

    Hi I’m 14 james from trenton Newark . How do you know your voice sound good

  17. Julene Johnson says:


  18. Well dang! Well… here I am looking at different videos that don’t apply
    to me, and I run across you. I’m a singer, and had been since I was 6. I
    don’t know what it is that makes my stomach turn before I go in front of a
    mic. It goes away after a while, but I don’t like the feeling. Makes me
    feel inferior. What on earth do I do, and how the heck do I get rid of it?

  19. Arveit Peralta says:

    Hey Mr, I’m a really shy person. I like to sing, but for my whole life I
    was like “don’t do that, you won’t be good” Now, on my eighteens I decided
    to do it, but I’m still shy I think the time run and run and my voice won’t
    be good at singing. Thanks for the advice, some people like me need it.
    I’m sorry for my english, see you~ 🙂 (From Perú) 

  20. Fabi Macchiavello says:

    Hi there, it’s so hard for me to sing in front just one person. I had a
    reaaly good personality but now I don’t. It’s hard not being shy. My
    friends always say to me do it ! And I just can’t

  21. Mr. Tardigrade says:

    you made me laugh, nice video

  22. Jayce OFWGDGAF says:

    anyone know the style that Chance The Rapper sings? cuz I don’t know and
    really want to know so please someone help.

  23. Criss Plays says:

    oh , can you please give me your skipe , im very interested in beign a
    signer and i really want that , can you teach me ?

  24. Melodic Wolf says:

    I want to be a singer, it’s my dream. I think I could do it, but I have
    social anxiety. Its not so much as being shy, but more as fearing
    rejection. I’ve been told many times I can’t do it, but I want to prove
    them wrong. Tips?

  25. Life Is Music says:

    0:35 , It’s because the walls are thin. I can hear my neighbors talking in
    their yard, so they’d definitely be able to hear me if I tried to sing.

  26. the night guardian says:

    For me being shy to sing when alone is I’m 14 and I fear my parents coming
    home and just catching me….they caught me a few times and say I’m good
    when I’m having fun.. But I think i suck..

  27. mojo “moe” jojo says:

    I’m 38 and never sung in front of anyone except once with a little bit to
    drink. I ran out when they clapped. Never did it again. I hope you manage
    to help someone stop wasting their talent. Do not be like me. Xx good luck.

  28. Evony Arty says:

    really want to join your class, can i join with online?

  29. ( . Y . ) says:

    I sing like a cartoon to hep me stay humble

  30. Kaneki Amano says:

    I live in a damn house with 8 people 😞 and my parents dislike singing. My
    voice is really deep also which is so damn annoying. Luckily I have a
    little sister so I do vocal exercises while pretending to be weird with
    her. I know… I’m a genius 😅

  31. Laila Blackburn says:

    Please get in touch with one of our teachers to discuss your requirements further.

  32. Lari demonstrates?the different kinds of vibrato and the three things that will determine the sound: Speed, Depth, and Volume.

  33. Crucially we lose confidence to sing and this will increase our inhibited feelings additional.

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