How To Sing: Slow Ride (Foghat) / Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about How To Sing: Slow Ride (Foghat) / Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing: Slow Ride (Foghat) / Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How To Sing: Slow Ride / (Foghat) / Smoke On The Water / (Deep Purple) / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy continues to take on some of the greatest songs in all of Rock history,

In this vocal demonstration, Ken creatively combines two killer classics: Slow Ride and Smoke On The Water.

Check It Out! The PROOF Is In The Singing!

38 thoughts on “How To Sing: Slow Ride (Foghat) / Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. It’s great to see how you always have this big smile on your face when
    singing. It’s always nice to see an artist enjoying what they do.

  2. Saite Austin says:

    So excited when I saw this. Growning up with a dad The only listens to this
    genre of music really makes me love it more.

  3. Leecarl Liwanag (lee26carl) says:

    thumbs up x100…

  4. Leecarl Liwanag (lee26carl) says:

    i want to hear any bon jovi’s song. but it says it has been deleted. can u
    make one for me, ken? thanks…

  5. Stick Men (menofsticks) says:

    That room has some awesome reverb.

  6. Still waiting for Chester Bennington :D

  7. luciano colombo alves says:

    woww great voice !!! awesome !!!

  8. Awesome job on the harmonies Ken, ’cause I know you did ’em!

  9. Allen Zillmer says:

    Hi Ken.. I am fascinated with your channel and never thought I could sing.
    but I attempt to in the shower EVERY DAY 😉


    Do you EVER get requests to do Roy Khan from Kamelot?

    I personally think he is on the level if Freddie M and would LOVE to hear
    you do something of his from “A Cold Winter’s Night” live show they did in
    2006 in OSLO.

    Something like “Nights of Arabia”, “Karma”, “Center of the Universe”,
    “Forever”, or any of the 3 parts of the epic song “Elizabeth”

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Sid Barret says:

    How I love 2 here u sing ken, yes

  11. Bob Hohenberger says:

    This is a cool combination of two super seventies tunes! Brings back
    memories of fun times and good music!

  12. Nonya Bidness says:

    Seamless combination of both songs. Really fantastic, Ken!!!

  13. DavePressMusic says:

    Brilliant as usual Ken 🙂 Just quite a funny thing happened this evening :
    I ‘m in the south of England, I was walking back from a cafe having eaten,
    as I walked along the hall I noticed a blond haired girl sitting in the
    corner, it looked just like your student, Gabi, as I got close – it
    actually was ! I said hello -stopped and had a chat, said I thought she had
    one of the best female rock voices, if not the best, around, and mentioned
    how good you are, world class coach and vocalist creating world class
    singers ….. and crikey what a coincidence…!

  14. Nostril Jacker says:


  15. hey ken – great job on slow ride! i was a kid and visited the studio when
    foghat was recording this track. brings back some great memories from my
    childhood. keep rocking!

  16. Chester Bennington demonstration anytime soon ken ? 🙂 been waiting for
    that for a long time 🙂 he has such a unique voice, I wonder if you could
    take on “Crawling” by LInkin Park

  17. Víctor Malheiros says:

    hey Mr Ken would you do your interpretation of dazed and confused

  18. Christian Paez says:

    I think you should do Are you gonna be my girl by Jet and a song by The
    Offspring sometime :)

  19. Smokin’ rendition! I really love these new videos and the layout.

    You should totally do a Graham Bonnet “Hiroshima Mon Amour” demonstration
    one of these days, it’s easily one of the most difficult pieces in rock and
    there’s a load of us Graham fans who’ve toyed around with the idea of you
    covering that song.

  20. LudwigSC93 says:

    Ken you are amazing…such a great singer and you can see by your
    countenance you love what you do! I love everything you do.

  21. Will Kienbaum says:

    It would be amazing if you did a video of how to sing like Hansi Kursch
    from Blind Guardian :)

  22. Connor Rainey says:

    Love your singing, dude. Could you do one for This Will be the Day by Jeff
    Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams?

  23. Francis Revil says:

    hi Ken! where’s my “still loving you”…? tnx in advance! ;-)

  24. Matej Rostar says:

    Hi Mr.Tamplin ..would you consider singing ,,I surrender,, by Rainbow ? and
    if possible i would like to hear from you A Tale that wasnt right by
    Helloween 🙂 thank you :)

  25. The Blackstone Project says:

    I enjoyed hearing you sing this medley so much Ken. Really a creative
    mashup and I like how you play and sing EVERYTHING on this! One medley I
    love singing and drumming with my band is All Right Now/Rock and Roll by
    Led Zeppelin. Maybe you could do that someday (hint hint!)

  26. Lisbeth Sunshine says:

    These two Song are my favourits

  27. jorge apolinario says:

    Alô Ken! Adoro a Gabriela, consegue colocar ela cantando “malandragem”
    musica brasileira? Foi interpretada por diversos cantores e cantoras aqui
    no Brasil. Pesquisa aí com “Cassia Eller”.

  28. Jon N Jewlz Show says:

    You use your tongue alot

  29. Jon N Jewlz Show says:

    try singing pull me under by dream theatre or just try dream theatre

  30. Boss Racing Brantford says:

    Ken, do you think you could do a Graham Bonnet cover? Some of his stuff
    from Impellitteri’s Stand in Line album is insane!!! Would to see love a
    more in depth technical analysis of his vocal style and range. Love your
    vids, Keep up the awesome work!

  31. Junior figueira de mello says:

    the guy sings very parabens

  32. Please, how to sing like Maynard James Keenan!

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