How to Sing “Silent Night” – Pop Singing vs. Musical Theater – Felicia Ricci

Discover all about How to Sing “Silent Night” – Pop Singing vs. Musical Theater – Felicia Ricci by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing “Silent Night” – Pop Singing vs. Musical Theater – Felicia Ricci.

How to Sing “Silent Night” – Pop Singing vs. Musical Theater // – My 8-week elite singing training program is re-opening January 2017! Get on the waitlist!

The gist of this video is:

Musical theater singing features pure, open, sustained vowels and is more faithful to rhythm.

Pop singing lets you have more freedom with pronunciation. Play around with diphthongs, rhythms, breathiness, and vocal fry, as these simple adjustments can instantly change the genre of the singing. If you struggle with how to sing pop, hopefully these simple approaches can help you start to reshape your sound.

This isn’t a detailed musical theater or pop singing tutorial per se, but it’s supposed to be a fun ‘n’ silly video that contrasts some key approaches that can help make your singing sound more pop-py.

(Because I personally am a beginner pop singer, I would consider this pop singing for beginners. 🙂 )

Enjoy – and don’t forget to get on the waitlist for my online singing training Singing Transformation! It begins with a free 90 minute singing webinar that is pretty awesome. Hope to see you there!

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  9. hi what’s the difference between the musical theatre singing and Opera
    singing ?

  10. you’re helping me improve my voice so much I’m going into college soon as a
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  15. I had always been wondering about the differences! this finally answered my
    question, thank you!

  16. You’re awesome!!!!! And your singing is awesome too!!!!! :*

  17. LOL amusing video, both ways sound great, thought the theatrical way is my

  18. Paula Gee says:

    I’m going to sing this song on Christmas Eve so this is exactly what I
    need. Thank you ^^

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    Great video, good and understandable comparisons of the styles! 😊 but
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    I’m fascinated by your pronunciations that you’ve mention here and in your
    other ‘how to sing ‘ videos. I’d love to see you break that
    down and explain the theory behind it.

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    Musical Theatre more like Christine and less like Elphaba, right?

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    Hey Fel!

    Love the videos! Been watching your channel for soooooo long and I even
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    Just wondering, if you’re open to suggestions, would harmonies be a cool
    topic for a video? Just because I always enjoy learning and hearing what
    singers can create in terms of harmony and I think if you had a look into
    it, I would be glued even more! (not that that’s even possible :D:D)

    Anyway, awesome videos!

    Much love from the UK.

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    Great video!! 😀 This was really helpful and personally I prefer The First
    Noel, but Silent Night is amazing ✨

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    Omg I played silent night on the guitar on sunday… my feet were shaking
    and also we sang other traditional choir christmas songs it was bomb. Nice
    video fel 💙

  31. I’ve been wanting to join your singing instruction program for literally
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