41 thoughts on “how to sing screamo

  1. Lil Jsavagee says:

    Hey can you make it like more clear about the thing with the throat

  2. Rosa Castilla says:

    Little confused with the opening your throat with the high notes but other
    than that thanks this video really helped 🙂 btw ur hot :3

  3. nicholebands13 says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to say this. Your so freaking beautiful. Your green
    eyes are so freaking pretty. I know you probably get that a lot, but its
    the freaking truth. (I just now realized how much I said the word freaking
    >.<) But anyways your so cuteeeee. :3 So I'm done being a creep now. Oh and this video really helped. Now BYEEEE. :3

  4. Timothy Strand says:

    Thanks, I mean my eyes are bright blue and the video was weird with the
    lighting but thanks anyways.

  5. Yessenia Flores says:

    thnak you! 😀 glade i found u bcus some people dont explain well. but you
    do c:

  6. Jessie Ewens says:

    I luv your eyes and thanks for maki dis video it actually helped me. And
    btw your cute

  7. dracomalfoyfangirl says:

    You’re cute indeed 😀

  8. Cooldudettes says:

    Wow your accent is to die for! Also I was wondering do you have any tips
    for the actual concept? Like actually learning how to get the sound out? -3

  9. XxCrazyRedHeadsxX says:

    Haha thanks for the help. Ur freakin adorable! XD

  10. jocelyn moya says:

    You’re literally cute❤️ 

  11. Sophia Miles says:

    Best video on singing screamo I’ve ever seen.

    great vid.

  13. tina king says:

    You’re really attractive and you have really pretty eyes

  14. Katelyn Marie says:

    Lmaoo Aww He’s So AdorBle Like A lil Baby 😂

  15. corvo kermond says:

    thanks i could kind of scream already but this was helpful

  16. Lucius Cozens says:

    I cant F*cking Scream how do you do that like danm!

  17. Livasta14 says:

    Nice and u do have pretty eyes😆😉

  18. Aalyah Vasquez says:

    I don’t even know why I’m watching these tutorials 😂😂 I don’t even really
    like screamo it’s okay but I don’t know why I watched the whole thing

  19. Jordan Wilkins says:

    I already wrote 200 song and I am planing to released my first album but no one to help or asist me but i always pray to my God for help..and thanks very much.

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