How to Sing Rock in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Part I | Vocal Power

Discover all about How to Sing Rock in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Part I | Vocal Power by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Rock in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Part I | Vocal Power.

How to sing rock in the style of Rob Halford – Judas Priest | A Touch of Evil.

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How to sing rock and techniques used to achieve a distorted or gritty tone used by a lot of hard rock and metal vocalists. The video includes me singing some of the song ‘A Touch of Evil’ and then demonstrating some techniques on vocal distortion. If this is a technique that you would like to develop, I strongly suggest that you do so with the guidance of an experienced voice teacher.

PLEASE NOTE – Vocal distortion techniques demonstrated and used in this video are for advanced singers. If you experience any vocal strain or pain in throat in attempting to create similar sounds please stop immediately as you may cause permanent damage.

You can watch Part II here:

Michael Sweet –
Paul Stanley –
David Coverdale –
Steve Perry –
Rik Emmett –
Sebastian Bach –
Geoff Tate –

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40 thoughts on “How to Sing Rock in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Part I | Vocal Power

  1. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    The #1 best piece of advice in this video is “make sure you can sing it
    clean first”. In every underlining distortion sound should be a clean

  2. computarman says:

    I’m not good at doing the really high distortion, but can sing the part

  3. Vocal Power says:

    Please don’t sing if it hurts. I will post the second part soon :)

  4. GaryGuevara says:

    Nicely explained. Thanks Tony.

  5. Matt Samudio says:

    I love how you do these demos “in the raw”, without glitzy production
    clouding things up. We can really hear what you’re doing, and it really
    helps make your points clear, as well as helps those of us trying to learn
    how its “really” supposed to sound.

  6. BACKSabbath420 says:

    Thanks for doing these videos, very helpful!!

  7. Vocal Power says:

    Hey Mauro…Learning distortion MUST be done carefully as it is so easy to
    damage the voice if not done correctly. The idea of this video is to
    demonstrate how it is put on top of a clean sound so that you can hear it
    being done in a healthy manner. I do not feel any interference in the
    throat when making these distorted sounds. You really need to work on it
    with supervision I’m afraid :)

  8. You sound like Satan. Does Jesus know you’re doing this??? 😉 

  9. Not a big JP fan, but your videos are excellent Tony.

  10. Vocal Power says:

    That made me chuckle out loud :)

  11. Great video! Mr O’Hora, are you familiar with Chris Cornell from the band
    Soundgarden? Is he using the same kind of distortion? I’ve noticed on some
    of his high notes, like C5 or D5, when he distorts, his tongue goes
    backwards, in your technique you lift up the BACK of the tongue and trap
    the uvula, I guess it has the same effect? Did you train that by looking
    into the mirror to see how your tongue moves?

  12. Vocal Power says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Chris Cornell is one of the great modern rock
    singers. His is the perfect example of a voice that can convince the
    listener that it is completely overblown yet the distortion is totally
    under his control.Listen to him do some acoustic stuff you will notice that
    he can reproduce this sound at a low volume – proving that it is a
    controlled addition of distortion to a clean tone. I didn’t discover it by
    looking in the mirror as it is hard to see – I had some imaging done :)

  13. Vocal Power says:

    Excellent observation Matt. Just like getting a good guitar, drum or bass
    sound it starts with the source. The worst thing you could do would be to
    start developing your sound with the use of a microphone and some vocal
    effects box…Work your voice completely acoustically to get a real idea of
    the tone and volume you are able to create. Record yourself A LOT and
    listen carefully to your vowels.

  14. Vocal Power says:

    If you can sing the high part cleanly then that is an excellent start. You
    may find the distortion easier to apply on the lower notes and gradually
    work it up as you get more accomplished and confident with it. Make sure to
    check that your voice is not affected in any way after practicing the
    distortion – You should still be able to sing cleanly throughout your
    entire range and your speaking voice should be as normal.

  15. James Holland says:

    This guy and Paul Stanley have been on my mind a lot vocally this week.
    Perfect videos. Thanks for taking the time to make these. Just what I was
    looking for

  16. Saqib Saqib says:

    Holy shiiiiiiit! I can not do that switch!! It just sounds shallow and thin
    and crap!!!! 

  17. Saqib Saqib says:

    Needless to say you are an awesome singer. Mind blown. Subbed.

  18. Len Nevay says:

    Awesome Man! Any chance of doing Russell Allen from Symphony X???

  19. Vocal Power says:

    Thanks Len – Russell Allen is a great singer. thanks for the suggestion

  20. Vocal Power says:

    Hi Saqib – you can learn to do this with some patient practice. It will
    sound very thin at first but keep persisting :)

  21. Great video, you are one of my favourite coaches online!

  22. PS: any tipa for conquering a psychological fear? I love singing and
    performing, but I’ve developed a nervousness for singing in 5th octave.
    When I want to do it/improv, I kinda lock all my muscles and the notes come
    out much weaker as opposed to when I’m alone. It’s a very psychological
    thing, and I acknowledge it as well.

  23. Tony O'Hora says:

    Hey Timi – thanks for the comments. With the performance anxiety, I find
    that some slow diaphragmatic breathing really helps to relax the whole
    system. Find somewhere quiet and spend 10 minutes really slowing down your
    breathing rate and you will find that the tension disappears :)

  24. Alfredo Rios says:

    What I like about you is that you walk the talk unlike many other vocal
    coaches. I continue to learn with you because of the real experience you
    come from.

  25. CBD Zakkai says:

    Love You I can sound like him and being female helps freak people out a bit
    Halford Ozzy and Dio are my rock heroes How can I contact you for lessons.

  26. Hey Tony, don’t know if you remember me, but I had asked you if you can get
    a head voice, I did! Happy as I can be, hitting hight notes and wining my
    range was not a problem at all, the only thing I’d like is to change the
    way I sing the words make them more rock/metal sound like. I’m also
    interested in taking some lessons with you, how shall I get in contact ? 

  27. Jefferson Paiva says:

    The nah nah nah nah part at 6:56 was so cute, almost childish and

  28. Shane McCurdy says:

    Incredible !!! Thank you for sharing this I am a huge Rob Halford / Judas
    Priest fan !!! Do you teach lessons on Skype?

  29. XcavadorSavage says:

    So you’re doing the distortion while in the head voice? Yep this is gonna
    take some work

  30. Metalizer says:

    I’m having trouble with this distortion I’ll keep on trying but I can’t
    control my tongue so easily and I feel the vibration in my throat and I
    can’t raise it to the soft pallet? I sing in a thrash band and I feel like
    all I need now is this grit. I can hit the high notes and sing it cleanly.

  31. Ezio Auditore says:

    I think that i will never be able to sing like alford.. even if i train
    hard.. If you want to sing like that you must have the gift and then train
    a lot. Howerver this tutorial is great and you have a great voice

  32. Daniele Brambilla says:

    I’m a guy and I can sing relatively high with this mix, like you do, but I
    don’t have the middle notes. At all. High range is strong, powerful and
    whatever, but the notes between C4# and B4 are flat, weak and sound too
    like falsetto. 

  33. kiskipuich1 says:

    Hi do you do lessons via skype??

  34. Have you noticed that when Judas Priest was brought to court over the song
    Better By You Better Than Me, Rob changed his vocal pronunciations in both
    the studio as well as in concert. . .? Just something to think on.

  35. stebolian says:

    i just don’t get how to add this grit in the upper part of the throat,
    please explain

  36. I love your demonstrations and distorted singing. Chris Cornell’s
    Soundgarden-songs have a very similar technical approach to the distortion
    and the high notes as you show here.

  37. Sherquita says:

    By adopting a relaxed non-exam driven environment this specialist tuition provides rock and pop vocalists the opportunity to develop their vocal skills.

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