How to Sing Roar Katy Perry Vocal Harmony Breakdown

Discover all about How to Sing Roar Katy Perry Vocal Harmony Breakdown by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Roar Katy Perry Vocal Harmony Breakdown.

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=-PLEASE_SHARE_-Learn how to sing Roar vocal harmony breakdown by Katy Perry. Video harmonies tutorial lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Roar Katy Perry harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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18 thoughts on “How to Sing Roar Katy Perry Vocal Harmony Breakdown

  1. 9000gameplayer says:

    haha wow dude 🙂 amazing 😀 . can you do more than words by extreme next?
    its pretty simple but ive always had problems with it 😛 thanks :D

  2. Juampi Agostino says:

    No more Beatles? anyway, you are amazing!
    From Argentina

  3. this sounds so awesome, I’m really liking it

  4. Edgar Hernández Luna says:

    por fin lo subiste! te quedo fantástico! :D

  5. Camilo Fava says:

    please Mastro, get a good microphone !!
    Amazing, speechless.

  6. Lalo Chavez says:

    From Mexico, Congratulations, I’m Your Fan……..

  7. elvisleeboy says:

    I didn’t realise what a good song this was until I heard you sing it.

  8. Errico Canta Male says:

    potresti fare sloop john b dei beach boys, per favore? con dei miei amici
    cerchiamo di cantarla ma non riusciamo mai a farla venire bene

  9. merry grace quiamco says:

    love this!!! very useful in my glee club. now i have something new to teach

  10. Smooth0vibrations says:

    Amazing work friend. I can definitely appreciate Katy Perry’s strong
    melody in this song. You did a great job illustrating how strong the
    harmonies are here.

  11. You should make a video for the longest time- by billy joel

  12. Momo horselover says:

    Wait, for the 4th lead vocalists, you wrote 4rd, just a mistake I found
    there, but thanks! I love singing with my friend with melodies and
    harmonies so this really helped!

  13. Alexander Skelton says:

    love your channels, can you do The Chain by Fleetwood Mac? much

  14. LimeGreenTeknii says:

    Ooh, you’re doing current pop songs?! Do you think you could do Try
    Everything by Shakira from that movie Zootopia? I’m having trouble picking
    out all the different harmonies.

  15. You are PHENOMENAL. Simply Genius. Thank you so much for sharing. Moved me
    to tears.

  16. Better than the original and without autotune.

  17. Chris Dunker says:

    Absolutely great…I have no other words for it.

  18. Guy Fawks says:

    I am begging you to breakdown Royals by Lorde.

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