How to Sing Riffs & Runs (The Secret “Dab” Method)

Discover all about How to Sing Riffs & Runs (The Secret “Dab” Method) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Riffs & Runs (The Secret “Dab” Method).

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8 thoughts on “How to Sing Riffs & Runs (The Secret “Dab” Method)

  1. Aloona Larionova says:

    Yaaaaaz takatakataaa takatakatakataaaa

  2. HalfManHalfDuck says:

    What’s that song at the end

  3. RnB Singing Lessons says:

    Bahahahaha I do this daily 20 reps minimum…that’s how I developed mad runs…for realzzzz

  4. Try&StopMeM8 says:

    I use my hands instead v:
    I feel like it’s harder to master really fast riffs

  5. Snoop Dogg says:

    I use a similar method when dealing with my haters

  6. Will Hess says:

    I thought that was the mysterious Ken Tamplin technique where he doesn’t get any quieter from putting his mouth in his arm 😂

  7. Unapologetic Apathy says:

    The secret is that the arm has a an extra set of vocal chords that push and extend all the way to your throat and when you move the arm and your head close together it expands and retracts this extra set of vocal chords. You cant argue because as shown here, The Proof is in the Singing™

  8. Kristopharaoh says:

    is that a french oo ù sound or an ew

    I never use that sound so I cannot tell lol

    Whenever I do that sound it’s too squeezed even for low notes

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