How To Sing Riffs And Runs *Vocal Exercises*

Discover all about How To Sing Riffs And Runs *Vocal Exercises* by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Riffs And Runs *Vocal Exercises*.

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In this video you will learn how to sing fast riffs and runs by developing vocal flexibility.

43 thoughts on “How To Sing Riffs And Runs *Vocal Exercises*

  1. Marco Gutierrez says:

    What scale are you playing for the riffs and runs

  2. I was looking for more Christina/Jessie J rnb gospel style runs too.

  3. EVERYONE! Please go and check out my short cover of Justin Bieber’s song “I
    Would” ! I really want to improve on my singing, so your comments will be
    greatly appreciated! So please, go and have a listen, comment and thank

  4. KenNoLastName says:

    lol, don’t feel bad. 90% of the ppl who try to sing jazmine and brandy
    songs on here have trouble as well. at least you know it lol. just keep
    practicing though! 

  5. Mr. Caesar says:

    You look so funny, almost like a cartoon LOL

  6. Transform Fitness says:

    thanks!! more vocal flexibility exercises please!

  7. Karin de la Penha says:

    Pretty fabulous. Thank you.

  8. maddie scharf says:

    Ugh I’m getting so frustrated I can’t friggen get the first part the very
    first part when u start yeah. OMFG I wanna cry.

  9. Thank you very much!!! great exercises 😀 

  10. Jaianna G. says:

    I can’t follow the tune cuz it goes too fast

  11. vballronny7 says:

    by the third one i sound like a dying goat -__-

  12. Alex-joel Rios says:

    this is best best one for riffs

  13. Mona Gonzales says:

    This could be more awesome if he’s black :3

  14. no1takethisname says:

    did id do it… did i do it?

  15. Yeshphat Snipes says:

    Can u teach me to learn control?

  16. no1takethisname says:

    i dont no my voice at all 

  17. The ascending was challenging for me. Thanks.

  18. The ascending fast speed was a challenge as well. I need to work on this
    one. Thanks.

  19. Very helpfull. Please include also keyboard lessons for my Child Thanks.

  20. WylerVision says:

    Thank you.. This was beyond helpful!

  21. Mapz Hmar Zate says: helpful..i just watched it unintentionally, now i found out my fav
    vocals exercise to be. Thank you.:)

  22. Maddy Wright says:

    so helpful thank you so much! best video yet :)

  23. Dalphon Hamilton says:

    I also watched it unintentionally. Good exercises. I always wanted to know
    the mechanics of a riff. Now I can practice them.

  24. Dalphon Hamilton says:

    P. S. Mooncake Lee, what does being Black have to do with anything? I am a
    Black man who has has 10+ years of voice lessons and coaching. Whatever
    does the race of the teacher have to do with being able to teach?

  25. Jamie Kieran says:

    Hello, Ian

    I have been singing for a few years now and I’m good with the pitching and
    general technique. However, my runs just aren’t fluid enough. Can
    anyone/everyone develop their vocal flexibility to be able to sing riffs
    like Ed Sheeran, etc? Or do some people just not have that ability? Also,
    is it just a matter of practicing every day? I’m really frustrated at the


  26. Kenny Moore says:

    i like ians videos more than anything i have ever seen on youtube imo i
    really appreciate everything you are doing to help everyone push their
    voice to their full potential thanks keep on keepin on

  27. Aliya iwl says:

    The first exercise was quite hard for me, but the second was better 

  28. Isidro Hooks says:

    Gives so much tone it’s incred

  29. starrworksisit says:

    12 of 718 have not quite caught on… Not a bad return at all! 

  30. Chris Ferguson says:

    Do you have Skype? I would really want you to teach me…

  31. kirkann spence says:

    It took me a while to get the ascending part but I did 😀

  32. Thanks loved it lots great techniques

  33. This is at the different end of the scale if you find yourself singing larger than your note is supposed to be by 1 / 4 tone.

  34. Katherine Weber says:

    It will take plenty of follow and determination for a beginner to play the guitar whilst singing on the identical time.

  35. As far I know, Falsetto has this soft breathy, female voice and when I do it the way how I described Falsetto, My voice gets tired and I can’t sing the notes I usually sing so I always do the other one that’s bright and soft but I’m still confused which is which that’s why I’m asking you since you have more knowledge when it comes to singing so that I could assure myself what I’m doing.

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