46 thoughts on “How to Sing Riffs and Runs – ANYBODY can get this! Part 1

  1. Barkha Swaroop Saxena says:

    thank you so much! this is so helpful! Thankyou for sharing this knowledge
    with me!

  2. Ronaldo Panaligan says:

    I like the invention of riffs, is it same type of notes like riffs done on
    electric guitar?

  3. Ronaldo Panaligan says:

    so it is similar to pentatonic guitar riff which is actually blues notes

  4. Anastasia Filippova says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA it is not al Illuminati triangle, that was great! Useful and
    hilarious, thank you!

  5. Benjamin Hutchinson says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to sing the correct numbers for the scale degrees?
    That way you understand the harmonic context in theory terms for everything
    you are singing.

    1. Benjamin Hutchinson says:

      +Louise Attzs Hi 🙂 The best advice I can give you is to work on using your
      ears as much as possible, learning theory is easy when explaining something
      you understand internally, it’s like learning a language in that respect.
      Learn the sounds, then the theory, otherwise it’s like trying to learn to
      write before you can speak, it’s disconnected and difficult to absorb in a
      meaningful way. David Reed has a Youtube account called “Improvise for
      Real” and also a fantastic book of the same name, that pretty much explains
      the way I hear and decipher music. You can approach music anyway that feels
      natural to you if you work on your ear enough. Just remember that music is
      born in the mind then transposed outward through the instrument, if you
      keep this mindset then music is guaranteed to naturally open up to you.
      Watch George Benson perform “this masquerade” for a clear indication of
      where music comes from, it flows through him, his guitar is irrelevant in
      the creative aspect. I hope that helps 🙂 Good luck on your musical journey!

    2. Benjamin Hutchinson says:

      +PaulMckayONEvoice Hi, yeah I understand why you simplified things and
      that’s probably the wisest choice given the audience. To me it’s like two
      birds with one stone using the scale degrees. Thanks but I’m fine for
      theoretical explanation I’ve studied music for 20 years 🙂 I have such an
      ingrained system of scale degrees I find it distracting to hear the “wrong”
      numbers LOL. It was just a thought. I’m just here because my singing
      technique is dreadful and I like your channel 😀

    3. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

      Hey Benjamin, I am treating the pantatonic scale as a 5 not scale (which it
      is). I am not comparing it directly with the major scale in my explanation
      because my objective is to simplify it for commercial/general use. Inbox
      me if you need more explanation… we can also unpack the theory behind it.

    4. TroubleinZION says:

      +Benjamin Hutchinson I agree. The numbers did not agree with my
      understanding of music theory. Haha

  6. Brian Sisk says:

    Brillant! This is a very easy way to look at it. Subscribed!

  7. Tangaline Nigglet says:

    That is the the illuminati triangle,u see it said ab in
    So 1+3*ab=satans horns
    Satans horns=347^c
    Then also his mouth is…..
    So that means illuminati triangle

    Who am I kidding this shit doesn’t make sense😂😂😂😂

  8. Marcus Alzaga says:

    I all ready know how to do riffs and runs but this will absolutely help to
    get better. Really good video.

  9. Abigail DK says:

    Mind blown!! Finally understand how to base my riffs and runs

  10. Didi Ony. says:

    I feel like I need someone like you to tutor me and tell me whether I am
    doing this right,! This is so hard/moderately easy ^_^;

  11. Spencer Andelin says:

    Thank you so much! Through more practice I’m beginning to see results.

  12. Mario Ananda Aeykoon says:

    awesome man.. thank you soo much

  13. Lecoleleco Paçoca says:

    iluminatti! hahahahshahagahahaha I almost died of laughter. kkkkkkk

  14. Millenia Johnsom says:

    Where are you located??? And do you give classes?? Please be my vocal
    coach! I listen to The Walls group. Darrel and Pacos riffs and runs be so
    on point. I just want yo learn how!!

  15. Tesseus 2006 says:

    “…and we’re all gonna get Riffs and Run!”
    Together we pray!

  16. Nandy Mlomo says:

    😂😂😂😂 i died at the illuminati triangle

  17. CeCe Rayne says:

    Oh my gawd!!! you just busted the theory of riffing for me… you are
    awesome… going to video journal as I work out and practice this…

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  18. “this is not an illuminati triangle it’s just a triangle” BUCZXHX

  19. Maëva Gosselin says:

    Gosh! First video I’ve of you and fell in love haha! Subscribed! :)

  20. ImStranger ThanYou says:

    He said pentatonix! XD

  21. Manu Sosoatu says:

    oh my fvckin shit! this is what i neeeeed

  22. Elena Pavlyukova says:

    Oh, thank you thank you thank yooou!!!

  23. Torri Wise says:

    This was awesome! I get it now!!! LOL, BTW you had me cracking up when
    you used the disclaimer that your example was “not an illuminati
    triangle”. God bless!

  24. Tabytha Jinks says:

    I kinda got a medium voice but I’m soprano idk what that means xD

  25. Adam Jaymes says:

    You are amazing man. It really REALLY helped me

  26. AlmostMonica says:

    Wow I’ve been trying my who life to get rid of my riffs and runs. I didn’t
    know they were so admirable. I’m going to work on making them creatively
    flawless. Thanks for the video.

  27. Vol de Mort says:

    “this is not an illuminati triangle”. THAT’S WHAT THEY WOULD SAY

  28. Emily Hope says:

    your my favourite teacher by so, so far

  29. Danny Heller says:

    Love your approach in this video and others!

  30. Colt Prattes says:

    This is a brilliant video. Well done sir.

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