How To Sing Rain Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Breakdown

Discover all about How To Sing Rain Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Breakdown by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Rain Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Breakdown.

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Learn how to sing Rain vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson tutorial by Galeazzo Frudua on Rain Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!
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39 thoughts on “How To Sing Rain Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Breakdown”

  1. rain is one of my top three fave beatles’ tunes (the other two being
    tomorrow never knows and helter skelter) because of paul’s bass-line,
    ringo’s drumming, the backwards music, and these harmonies! great job!

  2. Maybe I didn’t do this right but, when I tried recording the lead vocal by
    slowing down the instrumental … I found that my vocal, sung at the slower
    speed, had too much vibrato. So, for anyone trying this, try very hard to
    just hold the long notes “nasally” to avoid the vibrato cause the vibrato
    will sound even worse when you speed things up again.

  3. QUESTION: tapping out the tempo of the speed at which the instruments were
    recorded, I estimated 120 bpm. Then, it seems as if John’s vocals were
    recorded at a tempo of 107 bpm and then the final version was sped up to
    109 bpm. I was expecting the last two to be a bit different. Am I

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    2. quanto hai torto. Valeria si riferisce ad una cosa che potrebbe servire tutti indistintamente perfettamente sovrapponibile alla FF. Siccome la "torta" di Keshe l'è bella pronta, si chiede al "cuoco" se è buona oppure no. Invece sull'E-CAT si discute ancora sugli ingredienti.

  4. the beatles sont incroyablement magique pas une ride bien au contraire et
    toujours d’actualité 50 ans après! merci pour votre perfomance learn

  5. Hey Galeazzo love your videos. Any chance you could do a tutorial for
    lovely Rita? Also would you do dandelion by the rolling stones? (actually
    written by the beatles) Cheers from London England

  6. My favourite Beatles song! I’m a big follower of your videos, I think you
    should do some Fleetwood mac lessons because they have some fantastic

  7. I disagree Galeazzo… I think it actually was ”Paperback writer” the one
    that made a big impact… cheers from mexico

  8. Very good but you omit the low harmony that John doubles in the refrain,
    doing the note B falling down to the note A and that appears at the right
    channel with the high harmony. Greetings from Valencia (Spain)

  9. Just a little thing, I was listening to the harmonies in the actual song,
    and George’s vocal was a little longer like the falsetto in Paperback
    Writer’s refrain, or John and Paul stop a little short

  10. Greetings and thanks from not-a-singer-in-the-usa(!) I now understand some
    of why I’ve always loved this song…

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