How to Sing: Pharrell Williams – Happy

Discover all about How to Sing: Pharrell Williams – Happy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing: Pharrell Williams – Happy.

Course tutors Ski Oakenfull and Phil Ramacon explain how to sing the harmonies in Pharrell’s Happy. Find out more about our singing and songwriting courses here ::

Point Blank is based in London, the home of electronic music, and has been voted ‘Best Music Production and DJ School’ by DJ Mag. You can learn Ableton Live or Logic Pro via our online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios in Hoxton. More information here ::

Thanks to our friends at AIAIAI for the TMA-1 DJ and Studio headphones used by Ski and Jules:

26 thoughts on “How to Sing: Pharrell Williams – Happy

  1. MrSoundAmigo says:

    ha this is brilliant once again point blank never fails to deliver :)

  2. Music Production Tutorials says:

    REALLY enjoyed that lads. More singing vids please. 

  3. says:

    Very cool session! Great work!!

  4. Arnab Chakraborty says:

    great stuff ! cheers !!

  5. Dora Adorra says:

    Very helpful tutorial #Talents #Love4Music #PointBlank 

  6. Rachel Adedeji says:

    Yes Phil!! Sounds great!! Fab video xx 

  7. Hundi Peter says:

    so much better than the orignal, but to be honest, i think pharell isnt a
    good singer, you notice if you hear him live

  8. Super! Pharell Williams – Happy : VERY FAST (Bastard Batucada Remix)

  9. Amanda McDaniel says:

    I’d really like to see you guys recreate Feel it in my bones by tegan and
    sara ft tiesto! 

  10. Hi there! Great stuff! Can anyone tell me what headphones Ski is using?

  11. Very interesting… I like this!!

  12. uberchris says:

    I much prefer this version to the original. great harmony guys!.

  13. The boy under your bed says:

    I always wanted to sound like pharrell

  14. but he can’t sing. he talks melodically. 

  15. this is good but i think they missed one of the harmonies for the chorus.
    the harmonies don’t all change as the chords do. 

  16. Steve Nichol says:

    I love this Phil!!! Excellent

  17. Emmanuel Roy says:

    She gives vocal training to groups and one-to-one lessons on Saturday afternoons?at the Academy.

  18. Kennedy Wong says:

    As you sing your scales, place your fingers on the again of your neck and notice if there’s rigidity.

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