How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2

Discover all about How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2.

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additional information to sing the vowel technique:
1. Relax
2. Hum a steady base note and allow the vibration to spread out through your whole body
3. Choose a vowel and sing it loud and strong, but relaxed
4. Practise to change one vowel into another in a gliding manner (try different vowels)
5. Go back and forth between u and e so slow as you can and listen carefully to the stepwise change of the sound
6. Try to reduce the speed more and more to hear the
subtle jumps of the harmonics better and better
7. Stop the flow of time like a film and sing a steady base note AND a steady overtone in the same time
8. Try to reproduce the changing of harmonics in small steps to learn the natural scale of harmonics
9. Start to sing little melodies with the overtones
10. Try to change the base note during singing overtones

PS: There are techniques to amplify the loudness of the overtones. I recommend to learn this vowel based technique at first to get better results.

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42 thoughts on “How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2

  1. Oriana Çizmeci Díaz says:

    I didn’t know that we could do overtone with our voices. Amazing! But I
    don’t understand how to do it =(

  2. SeptycaLos says:

    now this is just magic! thank you!!!

  3. Bas Schippers says:

    Oh my god, Ive literally stopped thinking and just focussed on my
    breathing, and the slowly changing of one vowel to another and in a few
    minutes I really started hearing the overtone. This is amazing, this is
    truely amazing. I thank you!

  4. spikeschilde621 says:

    this is awesome!
    it’s great when you’re trying to do this kind of singing, but when you’re
    singing a showtunes medley, not so much lolol
    so I’m pretty sure this is why my old choral conductor used to tell us to
    open our mouths more when we sang, so as not to get that muffled, whistley
    sound. i never knew what he was talking about. but i get it now.

  5. Nothing maker says:

    Rally helpful video!!
    i use overtone to do jaw herp sound too

  6. Lohengrin says:

    this is one the best video I ever seen! really interesting and didactic

  7. jawad itani says:

    Omg that’s amazing, thanks for sharing!

  8. charlie white says:

    im learning this for black metal vocals lol.

  9. Javier PH says:

    That’s Amazing… I can’t, i try it but I need help, please I know you have
    a great and clear tecnique, could you help me get it? 

  10. Zarcia Zacheus says:

    Thank you within 2minutes I could already hear the changes! You’re
    technique is amazing. :)

  11. Rachelle Kehl says:

    I can whistle and do the deep voice, but can’t get it to come out as

  12. Brock Merrill says:

    Thank you Miroslav. My phonetics teacher challenged us to learn this, which
    got me out of doing an assignment. Plus its cool so great job making this

  13. Avery Brown says:

    My jaw dropped. Your technique is incredible! Thank you for this video.

  14. pinko palla says:

    Thank you!! I was able to do it with this tutorial, it’s amazing! I was
    struggling to figure out how it was possible :D

  15. 寒天chillyheaven says:

    Hi, first off, let me say you are astounding! Your overtones are so clean
    and consistent.
    I wanted to ask, how did you practice your overtones? I saw this video some
    years ago, started practicing about a year ago and now I think I can nail
    the octave and fifth pretty consistently. However, I have a hard time
    controlling the overtone as I change the bass note, and I also can’t change
    the overtone without noticeably changing the vowel. Did you sing the bass
    and melody of a few songs over and over until you got it?
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Anna Renaud says:

    I still don’t understand I am just saying oooooweeee and nothing happens

  17. It warms me up in cold weather and my cat likes it.

  18. Ary Sauda says:

    My god! This is incredible Miroslav. I have time seeing this and trying to
    understand that sound and what it produces in my whole body, specially how
    it sounds! it’s amazing! Thank you so much! I need practice but i will keep
    going. :-)

  19. Turner Rentz says:

    Can someone do this technique then record Sofi Needs a Ladder?

  20. Turner Rentz says:

    Sarah Graf you left a bad taste in my mouth sour patch kid

  21. Nicole Tan says:

    Hi I tried doing it but it was very soft y is this happening??

  22. FutureRefrence says:

    Mind blown…. Nicely done, man.

  23. Mehdi Jalel says:

    omg i just did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bisousethiboux says:

    I don’t seem to be able to change the pitch of my overtone without changing
    the fundamental…Any help

  25. shutupandletmego says:

    i need to learn to sing first, this is amazing

  26. Robb Conn says:

    Great video. As someone who has played with this a tiny bit I found this
    very first video very helpful in actually controlling the tones. I am now
    going right into your other videos. THANK YOU!!!!

  27. TaTiaNa A says:

    Por favor subrtítulos!! PLEASE :)

  28. Kz Hudson Almendarez says:

    el pelón de btazzers xD

  29. Võ Phúc Khang says:

    Does overtone singing require real whistle register?

  30. so If I have 2 personalities or more can I assign a voice to each one and
    have a normal conversation with myself ?

  31. Your clear videos and the extraordinarily helpful advice your give in the
    comments shows that you are not only a skilled, talented singer, but also a
    quality human being. Thank you for your great positive impact on the world.

  32. Thomas Rönnberg says:

    Wow, you have excellent control of the overtones. I’m glad that I learned
    the basics, so now I can at least produce them.

  33. sunnysidesami says:


  34. John Yi (Avi Potatoes Kaplan) says:


  35. Caterina Bestard Ferrer says:

    I sing lyric and this is so helpful! Absolutely amazing, thank you!

  36. Charlotte Bonilla says:

    Singing well requires the power to not solely land a be aware but to construct into it, but back off with out the notice disappearing, and add the styling and phrasing that makes the word spring to life.

  37. Johnathan Austin says:

    After you have gotten that familiar song down, branch out.

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