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The golden rule of opera singing is keeping a low, neutral larynx. This is the first step when learning how to sing opera.

23 thoughts on “How To Sing Opera – The Golden Rule Of Opera Singing – Sing Opera Now

  1. mickyvelddt says:

    I’ve always wanted to be able to sing the odd aria or two, just for my own
    pleasure, not professionally, however I’ve never quite had the confidence
    to go to classes so Vic’s video was a God-send for me. I love his relaxed
    teaching style. Fantastic.

  2. FairTradePetProducts says:

    I’m not likely to get asked to perform at La Scala in the near future, but
    I am having a lot of fun with the course.

  3. Paul TheParty says:

    He doesn’t look like your “typical” huge male opera singer, but my oh my he
    can really throw out a note!!

  4. HomeCustodians says:

    I’m now on lesson 4. I’m just having the best fun doing the course. Not so
    sure the rest of my family are enjoying it quite so much yet? But we’ll see
    as the lessons progress!

  5. I got the course for my son. He’s a heavy rock singer so I thought it would
    be amusing! On the contrary, he said some of the techniques he’s learnt
    have really helped even his hard rock singing.

  6. Barney Boxman says:

    With regard to the previous comment about rock singing. Good operatic
    technique will benefit ANY kind of singer. Get the technical stuff learnt
    no matter what genre of music you’re in.

  7. OliviaGolding says:

    I notice very few women commenting here. I got the initial lesson and am in
    the process of ordering more. Its been a very definite help to me! Olivia.

  8. TheInfoBrokerMan says:

    It’s the first time I’ve ever found a distance learning course for singing.
    Its a great idea for those of us a little too intimidated to go to a proper

  9. TrueMotown says:

    I’ve recently downloaded the free lesson from your site. It really has
    helped me to strengthen my singing voice. And it was good fun. Well done
    for a great, fun course.

  10. I swear depressing the larynx with the tongue is a bad thing and doesnt
    produce a true resonant sound..

  11. Maya Georgieva says:

    I swear I admire your ability to not laugh during making this video. Thanks
    for sharing :)

  12. Emilio Jackson says:

    Ok i will give it a try 😀 Thank you! 

  13. Angel Johnson says:

    This really helped me more than I thought it would

  14. I’ve always done this naturally. Odd to think that most people can’t do it

  15. Funnymangule07 says:

    I can sing opera but can never do the tongue rolls or other languages so I
    just keep it to myself

  16. Juliana David says:

    Dude, shouldn’t your larynx be always neutral? What the hell, pushing it
    down takes The ressonance out and it is harder To sing

  17. Christoph Prinz says:

    This is wrong. Larynx should be neutral, not low. You are pressing down
    with your tongue. One of the major misunderstandings in belcanto-community.
    Don’t do that guys. If you wanna keep the larynx neutral try making a
    bright – for your range low – “ah sound” without raising the larynx by
    putting a little pressure on the low part of the diaphragm. When you go up
    on a scale release into head voice by keeping as much of the diaphramatic
    “tension” – the stomach is out. It should feel like holding back the air.
    If you wanna learn more about this check out “glottal compression”

  18. Roses stink. Most of them smell completely horrid, to me.

  19. no! never let you tongue fill your laryngeal space!!!

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