How to sing okay - How to sing okay

How to sing okay

How to sing okay - Discover all about How to sing okay by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to sing okay and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing okay.

how to sing okay with me jonathan young

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42 thoughts on “How to sing okay”

  1. Holy goodness, I think we have ALMOST the same range (my “full” voice is
    shorter on both ends LOL) but the slide, and the mouth-shape bits were
    definitely reminiscent of my opera teacher. Also, I know vocal compression
    is a rich man’s game, and most people don’t get that far, but a video with
    that in it would be great for a How to sing okay 102 or whatever.

  2. Any advice for extending the lower part of your range? I can’t get past an
    F-E (that area) except for in the mornings. I’m just 17, but I’d love to be
    able to reach a low C. Just a couple notes away :)

  3. How did you learn yourself to sing? What sources did you learn from? I’m
    afraid to learn bad habits and damage my vocal cords?

  4. This really does help, thanks! 😄 I found your channel from your dad, he
    substituted for my orchestra teacher today. 😜

  5. This video should be called “Watch me teach you how to sing and know that
    you cannot sing like this.” :p

  6. I too am a self taught singer, how I got better was trying to replicate M.
    Shadows singing style. After about a month or so, it became natural and my
    singing was better. Still, this is a great video, all of your videos are
    amazing. Thanks for the tips!

  7. After five years of choir I think I might have got a little bit of
    understanding but I still enjoyed the video. PIZZA

  8. I flip between chest and full voice all the time when I’m singing, many
    times in the middle of a verse of a song. I think it sounds ok, but is this
    a no no? And I’ve seen this video so many times, I love it :)

  9. One thing that helped me for brass and woodwind instruments, diaphragm
    work. Use your diaphragm for that breath support. The muscles on the bottom
    of your chest allow you to project much better. If you are not familiar
    with these muscles, breath out all the air from your lungs. You will feel
    those muscles work right near the end instinctively.

  10. Also, find your vocal range…. This is something you will find when you
    sing in tune going up or down the scale. Jonathan Young here has a
    mid-range voice, hence why he can do metal and pop, but cannot go to far on
    either end of the scale. Some people can do the full vocal range, this is
    rare as all hell.

    Find you vocal style(Opera, Jazz, Rock, Metal etc). For example, you will
    not see Jonathan here do opera because of training and natural ability.
    Opera requires immense vocal capability usually dedicated people or
    naturally capable individuals will be seen in this category. By contrast
    you are highly unlikely to see an opera singer do any non-opera style. Some
    people can sing, but only in particular styles.

    Both of these are discovered by good ol’ fashioned practice. In general the
    vocal range is what part of the scale you find easiest to hold or get to.
    If you have a Mid-ranged voice but are struggling to get some of the higher
    notes or want to hold a smooth note (if you sound like you swallowed a bag
    of gravel) try singing in the Jazz(cabaret) style, find a song you like and
    go from there.

    Style finding is trial and error…. This is usually tied to vocal range
    and annunciation (how you pronounce words). Mid-range voices tend to have
    great versatility with all styles, but you may find it easier to do one or
    two. And that is okay.

    Best of luck to all of you (look-up this information for yourself so you
    have a better picture) God bless, have a wonderful life.

  11. how come when I go from my full voice or what ever its called to my head
    voice there’s like a gap where I cant get sound out and its like just air?

  12. This was very useful. People tell me I used to be a good singer when I was
    6-10 years old, but then I stopped singing… I might try to do that again,
    following your tips. Thank you very much! :D

  13. OK,I’m 55,have never sung(not even in the shower),I am pretty sure i’m tone
    deaf!!,can I get better even now?

  14. Ay. I wanna sing like you and imma take these tips and use em. Your the
    real MVP homie. Love you boi. Plus dat OP man opening was p rad. Fuck
    plenty goats bb. ✌🏻️

  15. Additionally, if you overuse it when speaking or singing by articulating your words beyond what is needed in their natural pronunciation, it can become stiff or tense.

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