How to Sing Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown

Discover all about How to Sing Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown.

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=-PLEASE_SHARE_-Learn how to sing Ob-la-di Ob-la-da vocal harmony breakdown by The Beatles. Video harmonies tutorial lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “How to Sing Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown

  1. Jeff Allen says:

    Better late than never … 😉 … I look forward to these as much as a new
    episode of American Idol!!!

    p.s. is Paul hitting an F5 on that highest harmony?

  2. mickavellian says:

    GOD I LOVE these deconstructs …. Again apparently Paul is “chewing the
    vowels” since the glissandos and the higher octave jumps happen on a
    vowels. I get a lot of pleasure for my fanatical Ringo melodic drumming .
    from your deconstructs, they are MUCH clearer on your videos. I am going
    to assume there is a percussion track that anchors the groove with a simple
    “horse gallop” (very rudimentary but very effective when you can not lay a
    solid groove) so the structure of the song does NOT lend itself to ANY
    drumming /fill patterns . Just a barely audible snare backbeat on the
    first note of each bar which obviously can not carry the tune and then a
    hollow percussion drive mimicking the the “lalalala _lah” . Mostly this is
    done on a rim but the rim does have decay and this does so . I am
    “thinking” they gave it a simple Brazilian “coconut” (it is a series tuned
    coconut! or a muffled Marimba, and there you have your groove. 3 notes,
    but it is SO clever to include this in a pop song .
    Thanks Gale!

  3. Welcome back! Excellent as usual!

  4. Thanks. Great :). Como siempre Saludos

  5. Carlos Alberto Garay Luzuriaga says:

    thanks for your videos

  6. Hugo Pérez says:

    lástima que no entiendo inglés!!
    Lo poco que entiendo y escucho de tu trabajo, me parece maravilloso !!!

  7. nedthebed07 says:

    Since I found you I listen to the Beatles with bigger EARS,,,,great. In a
    couple of years they have built a “home sweet home”he couldn’t resist it

  8. Joseph Arturo Jimenez Rodriguez says:

    Excelente, te admiro.
    Espero y saques Martha my dear, sigo esperando xD

  9. During the recording sessions, it has been written that Paul drove the
    others absolutely mad with multitudinous takes, over and over, until they
    were sick of it. Finally after one particularly grueling day of
    disagreements, they came back to the studio and made one one more attempt
    that became the released take.

  10. Matheus Lamha says:

    thank god you are back! I love your videos!!!!

  11. Edgar Hernández Luna says:

    como siempre no sorprendes con tu talento! D: gracias!! 

  12. FalconsPrey Band says:

    plz do california dreaming or happiness as a warm gun

  13. westfield90 says:

    Superb thank you for what you do 

  14. Michael Zola says:

    Fantastic release +The Beatles Vocal Harmony. This one appears to be a
    long time coming! 

  15. could you please do Lovely Rita? it’s one of my favourite Beatles songs and
    those harmonies are to die for! 

  16. nikos sokin says:

    Great video Mister Frudua! Obladi Oblada was the first Beatles song I’ve
    ever heard. So it means a lot to me!!! Αnd It’s one of my all time
    favorites!! :)

  17. Alexsis Minshew says:

    Oh my gosh you are so amazing . :)))

  18. Matheus Eiras says:

    Congratulations for your channel. It’s fantastic how you are able to
    deconstruct and rebuild Beatle’s songs; you show how simple songs like this
    very one were so carefully thought. That’s the magic of John, Paul, George
    and Ringo. Turning simplicity into something outstanding. Thank you for
    sharing this with the world ! PS: your channel helped me a lot when I had a
    Beatles cover band !

  19. Azer Bajdzan says:

    Hello, great as always 🙂
    Will you do also “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill”? I am curious
    whether you can imitate the voice of Yoko Ono and children-like voices:-D

    P.S.: Is it possible to adjust the volume of your speech so that it match
    the volume of parts where you sing with all instruments? I think it is the
    same in all your videos… I have to increase volume when you speak and
    then to decrease it when you sing with all instruments, especially at night
    when I do not what to awake people sleeping nearby ;-)

  20. Dario Melconian says:

    What are the two on the side for? Did you talk about those? Great video
    though!! Thanks!

  21. sierkkanis says:

    I always said there was something special in obladi oblada. You seem to
    have found the concrete beauties. Thanks!

  22. Oolon Colluphid says:

    I don’t know if you have already, but you should totally listen to the
    isolated vocals 😀 It’s, beautiful.


  23. Denis Gallén says:

    Amazing advices, you´re a great teacher!
    Can you hear my beatles (i´m down) cover and give me some advices?

    I´d like to improve my head voice to high falsetto passagio


  24. Israel Arellano says:

    Excelente trabajo, que gran calidad hay en tus videos Galeazzo! Saludos

  25. Adrian Przybysz says:

    Boy, he’s good. Congrats!

  26. CTioReFLe says:


  27. Jack Stedron says:

    Can you please do She Said She Said? That’s my most favorite. I need help
    on the harmony.

  28. GoucheGizmo says:

    is that a bikini top in the background

  29. You should do a Roy Orbison cover. You hit those high notes like he did

  30. oriol sosa el fakih says:

    Hi, will be awesome if u sing all the song in the end ;). Awesome voice and
    thanks! :))

  31. Carlos Kroll says:

    Y los otros coros de John?, se escucha una voz de John y una voz más, me
    imagino de George aparte del falsete maestro Galeazzo?

  32. Kiki Leigh says:

    Incredible video! Thank you for pointing out the important subtleties :)

  33. Lucio Zoppirolli says:

    Very good! Congratulations! Is your guitar a Martin? Ciao, sono italiano e
    non conosco l’inglese!

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