How to sing Never? [detailed pronounciation breakdown] (chorus)

Discover all about How to sing Never? [detailed pronounciation breakdown] (chorus) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing Never? [detailed pronounciation breakdown] (chorus).

How to sing Nation’s Sons- Never? [detailed pronounciation breakdown] (chorus)

Really hope this video helped you guys learn the song! Please comment down below if you found any parts challenging to keep up with or too slow so I can tweek these vids in the future.

Thank you again to the awesome anonymous friend for doing the recordings ;D

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4 thoughts on “How to sing Never? [detailed pronounciation breakdown] (chorus)

  1. bangtan exo says:


    I hope that you’ll do more of these😊

  2. Leannah Z says:

    Prechorus Part 1- Line 1: 0:14 Line 2: 0:24 Together (ts) : 0:37 Together (sm): 0:45
    Prechorus Part 2- Line 1: 0:58 Line 2: 1:28 Together (ts): 1:38 Together (sm): 1:48
    Chorus Part 1- Line 1: 2:11 Line 2: 2:24 Together (ts): 2:37 Together (sm): 2:48
    Chorus Part 2- Line 1: 3:05 Together(sm): 3:22~3:29
    All Together- 3:30~End

    *ts stand for talking speed
    *sm stands for slowed music

  3. that rap part is serously so helpful thank you for making this video, I hope you can do other song if you don’t mind

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