How to Sing: My Favorite Vocal Warm Ups – Evynne Hollens

Discover all about How to Sing: My Favorite Vocal Warm Ups – Evynne Hollens by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing: My Favorite Vocal Warm Ups – Evynne Hollens.

I’m sharing my favorite vocal warm-up tips with you all. Hope you find these helpful! Happy singing!
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41 thoughts on “How to Sing: My Favorite Vocal Warm Ups – Evynne Hollens

  1. Thanks, Evynne! I will try these as I try and get my voice back in shape
    after esophagus surgery. Right now I have chest and head voice tones, but
    no mid range.

  2. Both of your warm up videos are great! Please keep sharing these tips.
    Maybe even share some tips for getting past the nerves of performing and
    how to not let the nerves effect your voice. I have trouble with that. 

  3. Love it – thanks a million!

    Will be adding these to my collection of warmups.

    Here’s some fun ones (I’d credit only I can’t remember where I learned them
    from now – it’s been several years) that I use all the time too:

    “Many men” – to the tune of the William Tell Overture (as in “Many men,
    many men, many men men men”)

    “How far is my car?” – Doh-So-Fah-Mi-Doh moving upwards one tone at a time.

    “Spa-ghe-tti-&-Ra-vi-o-li” – Chromatic downwards scales moving up keyboard
    (chest – head voice.

  4. When I have to sing at church in the morning, I find that I have phlegm in
    my throat. Drinking water does not get rid of it. What do you recommend
    for this?

  5. My 4 yo daughter wanted to watch this after the Tangled video, and after
    doing some warm ups she said “hey! My cheek is actually warming up! It’s
    working! Wait, is that what warming up means?” Thanks for a fun morning
    entertainment and music education!

  6. where did all the vlogs go?? i watched 2014 and then now 2015 there only
    3???? please help me out where are they? did you stop?? i only find the
    lessons but nothing anymore????

  7. Hello, I read that singing in the morning can be damaging and that the body
    needs about 3 hours before it is ready. I googled that when I hurt myself
    singing right when I got up, I was actually trying to belt. So what is your
    intake on that subject? You mentioned doing the warm-ups in the
    shower……..I want to practice in the morning because this is “my time”,
    when the kids are at school. So, what do you think?

  8. I have to compliment you on this warmup piece. I happened upon it when I
    needed some guidance for an audition, never having done a vocal audition
    before. I must tell you I was accepted into an operatic Chorus, and I
    credit your relaxation and chest voice warmups greatly! Thanks!

  9. SO appreciate this series. As someone looking to improve their voice and
    not knowing where to start, your videos are a lifesaver.

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