How to sing: musical theatre – Part of your world from The Little Mermaid

Discover all about How to sing: musical theatre – Part of your world from The Little Mermaid by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing: musical theatre – Part of your world from The Little Mermaid.

How to sing: musical theatre – Part of your world from The Little Mermaid

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In this video I show you a technique called ‘speak-singing’ which is very effective in performing a song in the musical theatre genre. I also talk about why ‘over-singing’ can wreck your performance of a song in this genre.

34 thoughts on “How to sing: musical theatre – Part of your world from The Little Mermaid

  1. ImaZombeh says:

    Nice video 🙂 Speak-singing is the only kind of singing I can do, i’m
    afraid -__- heh.

  2. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Thank you! Well then you can enjoy a lot of interesting character-type
    singing ! =)

  3. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    hey there! fantastic about your audition-hope u do really well! We normally
    sound airy bc we are not bringing our vocal cords close enough, exercises
    using a glottal sound to counter like practicing the song on an “A” sound
    (pronounced like u the A in At) will help. Force is due to
    constriction.Drop ur jaw and sing with a slightly lazy facial posture. Open
    ur throat with a yawning stretch every time u breath in. Hope this helps!
    Good luck! Pls let me know how u go=)

  4. 12Becci93 says:

    When you started at 4:11 I immediately had goosebumps! I totally believed
    you 😉 Great Video^^

  5. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Thank you! That is so encouraging =)

  6. hi can you help me with Christine’s song from the Phantom of the Opera?i
    really need help..

  7. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    If you’d like me to help you specifically, you can book a Skype lesson with
    me. Just go to my website and click on the page titled “Singing Coaching”
    for more details

  8. Madison Johnson says:

    More musical theatre “How to Sing” please!!!!

  9. naomi quintana says:

    This helped me alot be cuz i had to addition for my part in the little
    mermaid nd do this song:) so thank you:)

  10. b-ann dizon says:

    gosh your so great,,,, i really like the way you sing and teach some
    tips,,,, go girl,,, more power!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU.

  11. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Thank you ! God bless you too!

  12. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    That’s mu pleasure. How did your audition go?

  13. b-ann dizon says:

    hi i already made 1 video,, and i think its so awfull,, can you give it a
    time to watch my video,, and give me some advice,,, really want to explore
    this gift of mine,, hahahaha,, really want to follow your steps.. thank you
    so much,,,

  14. Yasumi Ⓥ says:

    this is so cool 😀 it’s a great exercise in feeling the song whatever it is
    and singing more dynamically….from now on I’mmona be conscious about
    expressing the actual lyrics or story behind the song rather than just
    perform skills.

  15. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Very good to hear!

  16. DiamondAngel56 says:

    Please do more musical theatre lessons!

  17. realEmotion369 says:

    Thank you so much for this! This song has a lot of heart to it, and, it’s
    just painful to hear it oversung so much. This is an emotional song, the
    song that shows you Ariel’s heart. That’s not done with nothing but
    excessive technique. That’s done with singing from the heart. That’s why I
    have so much trouble with certain covers. It’s not about showcasing the
    voice. It’s moving the plot with sheer emotion. I’d post my own cover, but,
    I’m just not that good yet ^_^;;

  18. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    You’re welcome and thanks for the input 🙂

  19. realEmotion369 says:

    You’re welcome. I’m always looking for videos that show some insight on the
    way to sing this song with emotion more than over-singing it. Everyone has
    that song that they connect to emotionally, y’know? For me, that’s this
    song. It’s that song that connects to me, so I’m very passionate about it.
    Sorry for being so long-winded, and, thank you very much for acknowledging
    my comment ^_^

  20. MujakiKid says:

    Thank you for all your helpful videos! But when I’m at the quieter lines &
    speak-singing parts my talking voice isn’t consistent, it’s tiny & breaks
    more, like accidental pops of vocal fry. It doesn’t break when I do head
    voice or try to belt, mostly in the speak singing parts. Is there an
    exercise to make my speaking voice graceful? Your minnie mouse method from
    the thin folds video helped a bit, maybe I just need more strength since
    I’m a beginner.

  21. Noorul Sameera (WinxVerse) says:

    i learnt to sing let it go from you and please give more tips to sing like
    idina menzel

  22. I wish I could like this 100 times 🙂 My favorite Disney and you “speak
    sang” it Perfectly!

  23. ThornikoSpike says:

    Thank you very much! Your advice was incredibly helpful.

  24. Layla Shilo says:

    Hey, I have a try out for Ariel next week. Do you have any other tips?
    Because all the other girls are trying out as well and I really want the

  25. Craig Mills says:

    You need some singing lessons. Just saying.

  26. SongRainbows says:

    What do you think of the Broadway version of this song sung by Sierra

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