How to Sing Mezzo Soprano | Singing Lessons

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27 thoughts on “How to Sing Mezzo Soprano | Singing Lessons

  1. I didn’t watch this to know how to Sing Mezzo Soprano…I watched just so i
    can comment: Comment posted 6/13/13 3:06 AM

  2. BigThinGreg says:

    This is dreadful and doesn’t teach anybody anything.

  3. NamiBurger says:

    No Mezzo Sopranos are kinda lower im terms of. . .i guess tonal quality.
    Like Miley Cyrus is one im sure. Whereas, say Ashley Tisdale, i think she
    is just Soprano bc her tonal quality is smooth and high. Mezzos can be a
    little lower in tone but can go ALMOST as high as a soprano, but definetly
    not the highest notes easily.

  4. NamiBurger says:

    I’m not a vocal expert so i may not be completely correct.

  5. highnote32 says:

    For Female singers and male Countertenors…..Mezzo-Soprano is the

  6. FlyingMonkies325 says:

    Don’t forget the rare mezzo’s that can actually go just into soprano range,
    i love to break it down into low mezzo which is the lowest mezzo voice
    tones and they can still go into E past middle C, then in-between mezzo
    which can go lower and quite higher it’s still got those lovely rich tones
    but also a nice higher tone too, lyrical mezzo which is really mostly just
    a limited range but they don’t have the power or as much of the deepness as
    the other mezzos and just sing light and cheerful notes, and then higher
    mezzo, i envy a higher mezzo because they can go lower and all the way up
    higher, it’s a very adaptive voice. I’m mezzo soprano too id say i’m more
    an in-between mezzo i can go into the lowest notes of the range and my
    voice has those powerful and rich notes but then i can sound lighter and
    higher, id say i’m a bit of a belter really but it’s needs work, i’m a
    natural singer but when it comes to belting the longer notes i become
    unsteady, i hope one day to get some lessons to steady my voice.

  7. Elizabeth Rosales Cuenca says:

    I was expecting to listen to her voice as an example of a mezzo. Could have
    made that more clear to understand the explanation though.

  8. Lyndsey Hobbs says:

    I’m a mezzo soprano yay? 

  9. Aliana de la Guardia (Dirty Paloma) says:

    This is not a good video. Some of it is just wrong. 

  10. L.e. Kevin says:

    Mezzo – Soprano A5 to A3
    But if you can go lower than an A3
    But you can hit a A5 you’re still a mezzo soprano PEOPLE

  11. Montrez Rambo says:

    This video is full of wrong ass shit? How is she gonna apply classical
    standards to pop vocals? 

  12. Princesa Whitney says:

    I’m a mezzo soprano but I can also sing high notes

  13. Lillie Thomas says:

    Intresting im trying out for a musical and i want a part that requires a
    mezzo soprano and i was making sure thats what i was but i have to say the
    comments helped more then the video

  14. Albert Allen says:

    how come there aren’t videos for male mezzo-soprano vocalists

  15. flyinghigh814 says:

    Oh, no, just no.
    Plus, you have vids for mezzo and alto, but none for soprano, the most
    common female range which is also usually the melody?
    Never liked howcast

  16. Ferdinand Baarde (Asia's Counter Tenor) says:

    Just a theory no examples……BUT Coloratura Soprano is the best
    Vocalization technique in my experience…..The application is that you can
    belt easily in doing pop standards….compare to other singer who does not
    know coloratura soprano…..Anybody can be a soprano or counter
    tenor…..with the right faculty and lifestyle……Subscribe to my channel
    and I will help you develop your soprano and counter tenor….

  17. Tandn Taylor says:

    what if you are like me and my voice/guitar teacher and you can sing bass
    baratone tenor tenor 2 countertenor alto mezo and second soprano natrually
    for a 67 year old woman and an 18 year opd male

  18. MadDog McGregor says:

    i have a question…. is k.d. lang is mezzo or a contralto? and why?

  19. Cassie Kutev says:

    No, just no.
    Women do not have falsetto.

  20. A portable CD player or mp3 is needed to play the singer of your choice and the songs you wish to learn.

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