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Discover all about How to Sing Metal in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) | Vocal Power by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Metal in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) | Vocal Power.

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How to sing metal – some of the techniques that heavy metal singers like Rob Halford from Judas Priest use. I demonstrate this approach using the song Hell Patrol from the Painkiller album as an example.

A lot of vocalists of this genre use some kind of vocal distortion to produce a highly aggressive sound. I demonstrate some of these sounds in the video but do not give specific advice on how to produce them. If you want to learn how to produce vocal distortion healthily then I strongly advise that you do so with the supervision of a good vocal teacher.

Remember, at all times, if it hurts when you are singing then you are doing something wrong and you should stop. IF your voice feels hoarse or your speaking voice is affected after singing then it is likely that you are causing damage and should seek advice.

For another demonstration using A Touch of Evil as an example click here:

Michael Sweet –
Paul Stanley –
David Coverdale –
Steve Perry –
Rik Emmett –
Sebastian Bach –
Geoff Tate –

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41 thoughts on “How to Sing Metal in the style of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) | Vocal Power

  1. Vocal Power says:

    You are very kind..thank you :)

  2. Matt Samudio says:

    I have a thought on this – perhaps Tony, you can either confirm or correct
    me ? I’m guessing that if someone has developed their voice with really
    great technique relatively early in life, they may notice some slight
    “tiring” of their voice as they age, but the good technique/development
    will carry them, in general, indefinitely. If someone improves their
    technique as they age, they may see surprising gains later on, as well. So,
    its mostly deficiency in technique to worry about ?

  3. D3VaSTa73 says:

    Man , you are GREAT 🙂 Just from one watch I understood the importance of
    pulling the voice in the back side of the head. Great coaching!

  4. Vocal Power says:

    Thanks jaytee. You have laid down some challenging voices there. I think
    that Mike Patton would be a good case study for using twang (as would Bowie
    for that matter). Thanks for the great suggestions…

  5. METALONLY100 says:

    I love Rob Halford.I always have Priest or Fight playing in the car and im
    trying to sing along with the music, maybe i’ll sing with the windows down
    one day ha ha !! if i keep watching your video’s. Keep up the good work and
    THANKS for the lesson.YEAAAAA AAH!!!!! Rock on Brother

  6. ZombieAttack1945 says:

    Hey man, I’ve got a challenge for you. Try sing like Slipknots lead singer
    Corey Taylor

  7. TheAqualegend says:

    Have you done a video on how to sing like Sammy Hagar? He’s a boss, and
    like Rob Halford, he still has an amazing voice range and control in his
    60’s. He’s my favorite vocalist, so I would REALLY appreciate a video on
    him :)

  8. Alan Honore says:

    Awesome video ! I’m also a songer and I like to learn new stuff… Are you
    going to do a Steven Tyler video ? It would be really good… 

  9. now i love this song even more 🙂
    great video!!! thanks!!!

  10. theshutterbugman2 says:

    Mentalblast – Bootleg Live At Natal do Metal X – (full audio show)

  11. Matt Kenney says:

    You’re a really great singer, as well as a teacher. I’ve been listening to
    Priest for a long time and singing along, but you told me a lot of stuff
    that helps. now I know why my voice always gets tired so fast. I’ll
    definitely watch more.

  12. ligiadeth1 says:

    you’re the BEST rock vocal coach on the net! The other ones may sing well,
    but they don’t EXPLAIN as good as you! REALLY VERY helpful!!!!!

  13. Todd La Torre says:

    Saw the thumbnail on the right side while viewing something else, so I
    decided to watch your video;) very well done, well explained, great
    technique. keep rockin’

  14. Simon Christensen says:

    +Gregsynthbootlegs This is awesome! 

  15. Hello. Ive been watching your videos for some time now and thanks to your
    great understanding of Metal God’s voice, but the most important sharing
    that knowledge with us, Ive started to get it. I love to sing but Im a
    casual singer who would love to learn and sing properly. At least now when
    I sing i know how to do it but sometimes my throat will not hold it, if you
    know what i mean. I feel more comfortable with singing heavier songs like (
    Im gonna stick with Rob as he is my number one, but have many others too)
    Painkiller or his solo stuff; Into the pit.

    Im planning to record some stuff soon (probably those two songs ive
    mentioned) and Im sure i will post them here just to see what people think
    Matt :)

  16. Rob is one of the best vocalists of all time, and you do a hell of a job!
    Great video!

  17. Vivek Venx says:

    This was very helpful. Some people tend to use falsetto during the higher
    notes but yours was great. Just my view though, I felt during that pitch
    you slightly missed the noted maybe by half a semitone. Nevertheless very
    good job. 

  18. Maxwell Costa says:

    Your videos are very good, but I wish I could understand all their words
    because my understanding of English is not as good as I’d like.
    And would you mind recording something referring to Matthew Barlow (Iced

  19. XcavadorSavage says:

    I know you should have your own style of singing, but this is also good to
    start to get your own style. Even Beethoven used what he learned from other
    artists to make something new. 

  20. Harry Mandery says:

    First of all KUDOS, Tony!! another excellent one ~ but what I’ve been
    missing SO BADLY is the fuckin’ HOW on: “…and I’m overlaying distortion
    on top” ~ erm sounds good ~ awesome btw. Well ya know, I really can do this
    thing with my chest- and middle-voice ~ but with my head voice I …just
    suck, hehe ~ I really have no – and I mean NO idea instead of pushing so
    much power into it, that I will ruin my voice soon… ~ Any idea? ~ …or
    maybe you’ll take it as an inspiration for a “distortion head-voice”
    video?;-] ~ I really would be grateful forEVA!!! ~Harry~

  21. Apollo Blackblood says:

    Do you have a video of teaching vocal grit/distortion? I want to start
    trying to apply it to my singing cause I love the sound of it. I also have
    been wanting to learn it for a while.

  22. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth says:

    Tony…man, your vibrato here reminds me of the late great Rhett
    Forrester. Wow, it took me right back to the “Restless Breed” record as
    soon as I heard it. Rhett was brilliant and he was a huge influence on my
    vocal style.

    Keep up the great work brother and hey…… maybe do some Rhett Forrester

  23. bansheebot2 says:

    Step 1: Be Rob Halford

    Step 2: Refer to Step 1

  24. Abbadon the Destroyer says:


  25. Don Carlson says:

    This is great! I would love an analysis of Kurt Cobain’s voice and how one
    would reproduce it without vocal damage sometime.

  26. Kurt Wagner says:

    You’re so awesome! Are you in a band or have any recorded songs?

  27. scottjarvis123 says:

    Nice job man! You sound a lot like Rob. He’s an amazing singer.

  28. jean corsaire says:

    très beau travail sur la patrouille de l’enfer qui monte vite dans les
    aigues .

  29. AtariMaxiToriyama says:

    Sometimes it seems like, once you learn the distortion, it’s easier to put
    it in than to leave it out! I’ve seen more than one vocalist seem to
    “accidentally” put some distortion in when trying to sing clean.

  30. Felipe Calderón Novoa (Oz) says:

    youre voice is so nice and powerful!! i wish i could sing with that kind of
    vocal distortion without hurting my throat!!

  31. Shelton Jones says:

    Ya know Tony, i can sing a lot of stuff, enough to where i’ve been blessed
    to work with some of the best in the business (example:
    watch?v=0ayc5bbnQqg), BUT i’ve never been able to sing higher range raspy
    stuff (high yes, raspy and high, no). Embarrassingly enough, i’ve never
    practiced over a month or two to see if i could, because i quit after i saw
    i couldn’t within a week. I’ve mastered everything else except the high
    range rasp. I can sing low raspy stuff all day long. My question is: i have
    two very important auditions coming up and need to pull off what they have
    on their list (stuff like Skid Row, Judas Priest, Dio, etc), but i live in
    the stix and can’t find anyone like you to teach me how to sing high AND
    distorted. I don’t suppose you give lessons via Skype do you? Thanks for
    the lessons you DO give via YT – and i LOVE your vocs btw!

  32. Podrick Fookin' Payne says:

    You, sir, are awesome. This is by far the best description on Rob’s singing
    that I’ve met so far. Your singing is also superb and it gives credence to
    your words. BTW would you consider Rob’s high singing parts to be head
    voice, or a heady mixed voice? Because I keep hearing that his entire range
    he uses ”full voice”, by full voice meaning mixed voice, I think, so I’m
    not sure how that’s possible. Not much of what he does in the fifth octave
    sounds like it really has chest voice in it, to me at least. Perhaps it’s
    his higher larynx, or the twang, or whatever else he may use.

  33. It would be like putting a tennis racket in my child’s hand for the first time and calling her ball blind? when she can’t hit it back.

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