How to sing Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles vocal harmony tutorial video

Discover all about How to sing Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles vocal harmony tutorial video by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles vocal harmony tutorial video.

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How to sing Magical Mystery Tour vocal harmony like the Beatles tutorial video. Enjoy playing and singing the fabolous Beatles. This are Magical Mystery Tour harmonies by The Beatles for rock band. All vocals tutorial only harmony lesson tutorial by Frudua. Galeazzo Frudua vocals harmony breakdown of Magical Mystery Tour harmonies by The Beatles.

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Armonizzazioni vocali cori Magical Mistery Tour Beatles.

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41 thoughts on “How to sing Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles vocal harmony tutorial video

  1. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    The ones you mentioned are some of my ever fav tunes.

  2. Mauricio C says:

    Nice, please “OCTOPUS GARDEN”

  3. Marcelo Chaves says:

    Amazing again. The final’s George part is REALLY hard.

  4. leokimvideo says:

    wow, this reveals so much about the music

  5. Amadeo Mena Vicente says:

    Hey Galeazzo, thanks a lot for your fantastic Tutorials. You are of great
    help! You answered Questions I had for decades, and couln`t get the answer!
    Your demonstrations are wonderfull, and comprehensible. And one learns to
    appreciate, how refined the Beatles really were. Again: Thank you, Sir!

  6. This is just one example of how complex these harmonies were. The Beatles
    were light years ahead of their time. Galeazzo, wonderful work as always!
    I’m staying tuned for many many more!

  7. Kevin Pérez says:

    what are the effects used in this song?

  8. Alphabet Girl says:

    Dude. You’re a genius. This Harmonies are too complex and You nailed it!

  9. luthier47 says:

    I enjoy the heck out of your work. This takes a lot of energy, planning and
    talent…great work I look forward to seeing more

  10. Curtis Robinson says:

    ATTENTION ALL TRIBUTE BANDS: Enroll in the University of Youtube and study
    under proffessor imcarrying!

  11. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Ahahah Curtis this made my day 😉

  12. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Thank you! This makes me proud 🙂

  13. Dustin Legault says:

    I am addicted to your videos, they are Fantastic!!!!

  14. Arthur Wilbury says:

    You Are The Best Teacher Of The World!!!

  15. IVAN CUBILLOS says:

    What a great teacher my friend and a beautiful voice and perfect ear…
    chao from Chile.

  16. Alex Andrade says:

    Thank you for spend your time doing those videos

  17. Alex Andrade says:

    I would like to hear you singing all the voices at the same time . It
    would be great !

  18. DredgeMusic says:

    Is there a way for you to assemble a full acapella of the magical mystery
    tour song for a video I am making >. I will be giving full credits from all
    sources .. thank you for your response

  19. Juan Sánchez says:

    This may sound weird, but I really want to meet you. 🙂

  20. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Thank you! I am glad you appreciated and found the videos helpful!

  21. Brian Harrington says:

    The way you deconstruct the songs for us is very enlightening. Could you
    please do Fool on the hill. God bless you for sharing these videos with us.

  22. Paul Keeney says:

    Your videos are a musical education

  23. Edgar Hernández Luna says:

    greetings from Mexico! Here also are the best!! thanks for your videos!

  24. The Beatbox says:

    Grazie Gale….ci dai una mano fntastica, sei un grande….

  25. Alan Grindley says:

    very good, galeazzo and thank you. do you record complete versions of these

  26. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    I am looking for a sponsor to do this 😉

  27. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    No Sir, never met him.

  28. Francisco Sifuentes says:

    Bro, i need a favor. what effect you use for voice? delay? phaser? chorus?
    i need achieve a similar efect to lennon in this song

  29. Matt Mica says:

    hey sir what does that “shaw” mean? hehe

  30. jose says:

    Galeazzo, can you explain me about that the recordings were recorded by
    slowing the tapes??

  31. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    @ jose josemanuelrugby the Beatles sometimes liked the sound of sped up
    vocals. Not always though. In this song for example only the “Roll up” and
    a vocal at 1.57 were recorded with the machine running a bit slow so they
    would sped up on playback. :)

  32. Jeremy Laroch says:

    Thank you Galeazzo for this great tour of the mystery of vocal harmony.

  33. Thank you for the great tutorial! Much more authentic than the one Paul
    singing with his tour band now. My band will try this song next week in
    your manner!

  34. drumstick74 says:

    You explain the genius of the Beatles beautifully.

  35. Stephanie Gross says:

    But should you’re actually in love together with your man, you will not easily surrender and let the track fade away.

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