How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes P2

Discover all about How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes P2 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes P2.

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13 thoughts on “How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes P2

  1. Dang dude, why’d you make this so late?? But anyways, great vid, definitely helpful. And have a good night!

  2. It’s tough to find that happy medium, I just sound all fry most of the time

  3. Samuel Keane says:

    I’m thirteen should I be trying the subharmonics technique?

  4. Daniel Coley says:

    So I’m having a nice time learning how to switch into the sub-harmonic register. My My G#1, A2, Bb2, B2 and C2 are good, but when I get down to G1, it’s a half step sharp, any tips?
    I’ve been practicing for 2 days, So I’m sure I wlll make progress over time naturally but, just curious

  5. Chris Noy says:

    Hey I have watched a few of your videos and I was wondering what the technique is for people with a naturally low chest voice. My lowest is Ab 1 for my chest and below that I can vocal fry (but not very good!) down to about B 0. I’m only asking because in some of the videos, the octave note you were reaching, I could already sing in my chest voice. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. Hey man, is there any way to make it super smooth sounding?? Like, if you hear Peter Hollens and Avi Kaplan’s Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair, Avi’s low notes, like when he hits a Cb2 sounds extremely smooth. Is there anyway to do that with subharmonics??

  7. I can do the technique, but when I do it the upper octave seems very audible; it doesn’t just sound like a low note. Any advice for how to ‘suppress’ the upper note?

  8. fenix prime says:

    Im always fall into the vocal fry! 🙁 why is that????

  9. David Soto says:

    +David Larson Is it possible to use the subharmonic technique bellow your chest voice? For example… Let’s say my lowest chest note is a B1. Would I be able to hit a G0 with subharmonics?

  10. David,

    I’m still trying to get into the subharmonic range… but I will soon..
    I’m a bit confused on the videos… some are named part 1…some P1… some part 2…some P2… which videos should I watch and in what order?

    Natural D2 here… but looking forward to some subterranean notes… soon

    Two words… Tim Riley…

  11. Flyingferrets5 says:

    I love singing in Subharmonics, it’s so much fun. I was surprised that I could produce it, since I’m a spinto tenor (passaggio C#4-F#4), but it works from G#1 to E2. Thanks for the technique help! 🙂

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