How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes! P1

Discover all about How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes! P1 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes! P1.

Here is part 1 in a mini-series about a highly suggested topic – learning to utilize the higher notes in your subharmonic register. This mainly focuses on the basics of finding the notes between B1 – E2.

Hope you enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Bass High Notes! P1

  1. Lautaro Gabriel Caamaño says:

    Thank you for your videos! They are very useful. I’m looking forward for
    the next one! 👍

  2. Andrey Zaikin says:

    thank you, man! A was looking for the way to lower my voice and your videos
    are exactly what I need! Hope you gonna continue that)

  3. Music Geeks says:

    what is the difference in sound between Fry/Chest mix, vocal fry and
    subharomonics? Because i can hit a C#1 if i hear it on the piano easy,
    sometimes it vibrates my whole chest, Other times it only vibrates my
    throat. I know for a fact its not my chest voice (that ends at Eb2) or
    growl (that ends at E1) so im confused on which im doing because im being
    told im doing fry or fry/chest mix by some and other say im doing the
    subharomonic or singing in my throat because it sounds throaty… tell

  4. LosAnggraito says:

    Heyyy David. That’s a pretty wicked manbun, bro 😀 Haha anywho – awesome
    installment to the series. Keep it up!

  5. Philip Strimpel says:

    Hey, Man. Good video! This is definitely where I have been having the most
    trouble with as we’ve talked about in the comments to my video. But I am
    still having trouble with the others, more than likely due to my bad
    allergies. It feels like with allergies thst I will never get consistency.

  6. Reg White says:

    I’m struggling with increasing the volume of my subharmonic register,
    whenever i try and push it i just end up singing the original note. Are
    there any techniques to stop this from happening.

  7. Chris Harrison says:

    Can you do 1/3 subharmonics? I’ve slipped into it a few times accidentally
    while singing an A1 with subharmonics. Came out as a resonant D1 with okay
    volume. It vibrated my entire chest.

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