How to Sing Lower 2: Subharmonic Register Octavist

Discover all about How to Sing Lower 2: Subharmonic Register Octavist by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Lower 2: Subharmonic Register Octavist.

Hello again! This is the 2nd video in my “How To Sing Lower” series. This one talks about the importance of placement in the subharmonic register, hopefully you enjoy it!

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16 thoughts on “How to Sing Lower 2: Subharmonic Register Octavist

  1. Hitashi son says:

    but this is exactly the hard thing about Subharmonic technique, i can
    execute it if i have the sound up in the nasal part, But! i can’t apply the
    fry if i make the sound come from my deep resonant chest voice. I already
    notice this, but i’m glad that you clarified that i had to obtain this
    ability. Right now the more up front in my mask i sing SH mode, the easier
    it gets 😀 But it does get that weird scooter engine noise :P

  2. harleyzeth says:

    Dude just watching this and the first one, I can really do it now! Bflat 1
    is too high for me to sing in subharmonic though, yet too low to sing in my
    chest voice (B natural is as low as I can go) but my Ab1 sounds HELLA
    thick. Thanks man!

  3. Luciano B. says:

    Hi, I’m a low tenor, but have difficulty singing bellow C3. My voice is
    breathy and weak bellow this, probably also because I don’t train it. So
    started to sing scales, and hope it gets stronger.

    Anyway, starting from C3, which is already a pretty high note, I’m singing
    C2, the way you explained. I can sing it in fry, but this way is different,
    it is starting from an octave above. Nice!

    Thank you!

  4. Mary Seacross says:

    did anyone ever comment that this technique sounds like a digerido (i
    believe from Australian aborigines )

  5. Mary Seacross says:

    can I use this? I’m a woman with a lower voice

  6. Aldrin Laoang says:

    May i ask again? 😀 how could you make your lower notes louder?

  7. tompw3141 says:

    When going from dark to light, is the vowel sound changing only because of
    your lips, or because of other stuff too?

  8. John Dooney says:

    anyone else hear the overtones at ~2:45

  9. Eli Jarnagin says:

    Are dark and bright the same as nasal and far-back?

  10. Alex Grimes (PraiseKrillie) says:

    those overtones were amazing

  11. ok, real oktavist bass singers hit these notes naturally. If you use this
    placement to much you will screw up your voice. spend the majority of your
    efforts actually singing. also there are 3 other ways to sing or hit lower
    sub notes

  12. that’s how I do the blitzcrank voice

  13. Mark William says:

    Hi David, I have a couple questions for you! My chest voice goes down to
    d2, and I can sing Bb1 with subharmonics easily, but I can’t go much lower.
    I’m wondering with more and more practice, will I be able to eventually hit
    a d1? Lower? How does that work?I am also 15 and am wondering if my voice
    is going to get any deeper?

  14. kalaveritadeazucar says:

    Do you think this technique would work for a Contralto? :0

  15. Peyton Rohrbaugh says:

    Do u think I could sing us harmonics at 13

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