How to Sing Low Notes – Lower Voices

Discover all about How to Sing Low Notes – Lower Voices by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Low Notes – Lower Voices.

Great question regarding singing low notes! Barely ever get that request! Here’s a few exercises you can work on to reach those lower notes successfully.

15 thoughts on “How to Sing Low Notes – Lower Voices

  1. Morten Vildhjarta says:

    Watching all sorts of vocal coaches on Youtube, I really have to say you
    are standing out, You don´t dance around the Topic you give all the needed
    infos on the topics. You give good Encouragement, and the vids are not to
    short nor to long.
    Just sweet. Thanks a lot Jeff!

  2. Alan Wong says:

    Thanks for your comprehensive vocal lessons! Btw, doing the above
    exercises, I find that my voice is quite ‘airly’ and weak even when singing
    the lower notes. And I feel that my vocal cords cannot close together
    effectively. Are there any ways that I can train my vocal folds and correct
    my cords closure?

  3. David Clark says:

    Hey Jeff, I would like to Skype you for some lesson. My Skype name is
    davidclark892. I would really appreciate it. Thank you David!

  4. David Clark says:

    Hey Jeff, I was wondering if we could Skype if that’s ok. If it’s ok what
    is your Skype name?

  5. D Clarkbars says:

    I am a bass sing confortable to C1 and at times lower Like to have
    exercises for us low basses

  6. YUNG• TRASHCAN says:

    I’m a female alto can you do more videos for ppl like me, because there’s
    not many videos for low females vocalist :(

  7. Juan Pablo Pino Arauz (Trauko) says:

    Hi Jeff thanks for another great video ,would you consider to make a video
    revealing the technique for a low sul fiato (falsetto)
    Thanks again ..

  8. Chris GFX says:

    how do I hit lower notes without pushing down my larynx… it’s just so
    difficult for me …

  9. Uba Mckay says:

    How do you get like below Low C?
    Like the Tim Foust, Avi Kaplan stuff? :D

  10. Jeff, you are the man! I really appreciate all the help, these videos have
    pretty much become the basis of my daily vocal routine. Would it be
    possible at all to make a more extensive warm up style video that hangs
    around down at the low end like in this video? I can hit the low notes
    demonstrated here with relative comfort but singing a melody whilst
    articulating words properly is another thing… Again, thanks so much for
    all the help, it really has made a difference!

  11. Chris Harrison says:

    Hey Jeff, I’m 15 and just starting to sing.

    I’m a baritone (bassitone, from what my teacher says) and I’d like to know
    your opinion on supported vocal fry. As in while my chest stops at an A1, I
    can fry down to about an F1 with a decent volume and tone. I’m mostly into
    accapella singing, so do you think that while I’m on a mic it’d be
    acceptable to use?

  12. Erika Fernandez says:

    Pure Pitch Method Ear Training will assist you to be a better singer by improving your ear.

  13. Mariadelosang says:

    Singing songs concerning the beloved character of God disperses ache in the bodily physique and considered demise.

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