How to Sing Low Notes / Extend Lower Vocal Range / Free Lesson

Discover all about How to Sing Low Notes / Extend Lower Vocal Range / Free Lesson by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Low Notes / Extend Lower Vocal Range / Free Lesson.

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How to Sing Low Notes – Extending Lower vocal range

In this episode, master vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you a way to train to sing on pitch or sing in key better. This extremely simple exercise can get your singing songs in key and on pitch in just 10min a day.

Lots of singers have problems singing songs in the proper key or singing on pitch. Why do vocalists have these issues? Well, some singers lack an ability to visualize pitch in their brains before they sing the note. This disconnect can sometimes be severe (tone deaf) or mild. Sometimes people sing out of key or become “pitchy” as Randy Jackson of American Idol used to say a lot, because the notes they are singing either don’t have enough breath support, not enough resonance, too much vocal muscle strain or they have too much breath support.

Some singers sing in key perfectly in their chest voice but seem to go out of key when they sing into head voice; this is an issue of vocal strain. Do this exercise just 10 minutes a day for a few weeks and you’ll see the difference in your voice without much fuss.


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18 thoughts on “How to Sing Low Notes / Extend Lower Vocal Range / Free Lesson

  1. dansk björn says:

    Hi Kevin… I am a big fan of your videos,,, I am a bass baritone myself
    but sing high notes with the band I am in,,,
    Could you recommend a live microphone (preferable dynamic)?? .. I got an
    old Shure SM58 but never 100% satisifed with its sound through our PA..
    (fairly good top speakers with a 1″ compression driver and a 12″ mid/bass
    driver… I do use a use a 100Hz cut off on lows as we have 18″ subs as
    well…. Regards A

  2. ForEighteen says:

    Hello, Kevin. How should sustaining low notes at full volume feel in the
    abdominal area (as compared to when we belt higher notes)?

  3. kotornerd12 says:

    Thanks Kevin! This was a great expansion on what you talked about in the
    previous video about training the lower register. 

  4. Jones Notes says:

    Hello Kevin! I am a female alto in my choir but I have the range to be a
    potential baritone or bass. My problem is the lower notes are possible for
    me to hit but they aren’t solid. Are there any exercises you would
    recommend to help me? I would initially have my choir director’s input on
    this but he’s gender stereotypical and doesn’t believe in females having a
    lower register. I would really appreciate your help!

  5. Lucía Lidia Ruiz de Galarreta says:


  6. I had to tune “Low Rider” down 5 half steps to match my range lol……

  7. jim vercoe says:

    Thankyou Sir, Loved thoes tips :)

  8. Sophie Visser says:

    Thank you! It helped so much, I was having trouble accessing my lower notes
    in a song just after the bit that belts and it was frustrating the heck out
    of me because I knew that they were there, I had just sung them in the
    first verse! So thank you, it reminded me where to place my voice :)

  9. Thank you so much! I am trying out for a solo in the song “you make me feel
    so young” and now I know how to hit those damn low notes!

  10. Faceless wolf says:

    Okay im 14, the lowest note ive ever hit is a Bb1. my average is a D2 how
    do i hit the low notes more constantly. also i can go to c0 almost every
    day but its scratchy does that count and what are some exercises i can
    recommend to my choir teacher, she was never taught much about male voices
    and in the 8th grade we have many strong basses

  11. Skyetheanimecat says:

    I’m an alto and I was struggling with this one note in our song that was
    low and this helped sooooo much! I did a mixture of chin down and
    compression and when I thought of it my tongue I was like WOAH WHAT

  12. Jazz Hands (grieving shank) says:

    god bless the first tip alone helped me hit the lowest note in summertime
    sadness and the ‘before’ in thinking out loud, both of which i could never
    hit before! (i can go really high but my lower range isn’t at all that big)

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