How To Sing LOW – Low Rider – War – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about How To Sing LOW – Low Rider – War – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing LOW – Low Rider – War – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How To Sing LOW – Low Rider – War – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin demonstrates the art of How To Sing Low.

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing LOW – Low Rider – War – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Ken….I have heard you say you are a high baritone, and I heard you sing a
    little Johnny Cash on one of your videos, but man…I was not expecting the
    depth and girth of vocal tone in those low notes! Simply astounding. It’s
    funny to see some comments on some of your videos where some people call
    you a tenor because of how high you can sing. and I’m sure some will say
    you are a bass after seeing this video. Just goes to show that with the
    proper training and technique, you can truly sing anything! This poor bass
    singer here is saving his pocket change to someday buy your course!

  2. Fan Tobyc says:

    Please do Skillet/Breaking Benjamin/Slipknot :D

  3. RedneckRectum says:

    Hey Ken, how about a Prince tribute?

  4. Víctor Malheiros says:

    still waiting for since ive been loving you

  5. Cpt Mcnugget says:

    ken, I was wondering if I could possibly make a request. (it doesn’t have
    to be anytime soon) I was raised on classic rock and was wondering if there
    could be a chance you could sing “I’m your captain/closer to home” by Grand
    Funk. I know it’s a long song, so I wouldn’t expect the whole thing. love
    what you do! keep it up

  6. AF.Gregory says:

    prince tribute!!!…do one please

  7. kik Davis says:

    please do a prince- little red corvette cover. 🔥🔥

  8. indo mamoro says:

    ken please can you make a video about runs and riffs!!!
    none of the other videos helped and you never made one , that’ll really

  9. Emmanuel Chacon says:

    Hello! Can you sing Angra – Carry on? I’m glad if you do it. Regards from

  10. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    You have so much range that iI would never thought you had a lower register!
    So cool. I thought fur sure you were a high tenor. lol Sounds great though
    Ken 🙂

  11. Travis the Great says:

    Hey, Ken! I have something that bothers me, which is speech! As a teacher
    who presumably talks a lot to explain your program and singing techniques
    to your students, how do you approach speaking in a way that doesn’t tire
    your voice after a while? Do your singing rules apply to that? I may
    exaggerate, but sometimes I find it as difficult as singing!

  12. Beatrice Yui says:

    Love this! Lots of love from Czech Republic!:)

  13. if you haven’t already, could you make a how to sing like Benjamin Burnley
    from Brekaing Benjamin. I don’t know if he still does this on his new
    album, but in his older stuff, he did some interesting things with his
    voice like makes the tone sound deeper when the note itself isn’t that low
    and sometimes cracked his voice (I don’t know the technique names , I’m
    super new to this) but that would be so great. I want to sing in his style
    but nobody has done a tutorial.

  14. Pathan BAsir says:

    Para cuando un dvd en español???

  15. AF.Gregory says:

    hey man could you do a tribute to prince?

  16. Никита Борисенко says:

    Great voice!!!!

  17. Boudiaf Smail says:

    So good, I want to hear you singing Chester Bennington one of the best
    vocalist that i’ve ever heard, he really rocks

  18. Pontus Ozzy Andrén says:

    Hey there sir Tamplin! you’re no doubt the best vocal coach out there that
    I know of. I bought your volume 1, and i wonder how important is it that
    the “uvela” dissapear totally up “in my head” that you talk about, cause i
    notice if i start to use falsetto a little earier and dont push my chest
    voice quite as much and make the uvela just go up like halfway i get a more
    twangy sound that i like (more mixed voice) if you know what i mean, insted
    of a more belty and softer falsetto, could this be ok to do? or do you
    really recommend the uvela to go all the way?

  19. Gabriel Regehr (GJ145298HD) says:

    I have a whistle register up to C7… And low voice range down B1… I
    don’t know how I got this, I’m 15 by the way… And looking forward to
    improving tone and range even tho I already have that much… Love this
    video and would love some advice on some low notes

  20. Robin Baron says:

    awesome !!
    Will you one day, (or maybe this is already done) make a video on “how to
    sing like ian anderson” for instance, The yes singer. You know that kind of
    high voice very “sweet”, I don’t know how to say, but, when this guy is
    singing it’s like everything is so easy. do you know what I mean ?

  21. Evan Jarvis says:

    Sammy hagar or David Lee Roth please.

  22. DaMaGe Gaming says:

    I can’t get over the pure passion that you have. Seriously you always look
    like you have such a blast making music and that’s something very special

  23. Roses1401 says:

    Your lows are fantastic!!!! Super singing!! It makes me much fun to listen
    you sing in that way!!!! It sounds awesome sexy..!!! Ooops, if i may say is only true!! Keep coming!!! :)

  24. I’m genuinely impressed! Your low notes are so great! I bought your course
    (How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else) and I really liked it. Could you do
    more videos with tips focused on low register? Thank you!

  25. bigbassjonz says:

    Video title was misleading. You didn’t tell us anything about how to sing
    low. You just sang low.

  26. Israel Sánchez says:

    WOW! that latin stuff is completely my thing you got me Ken!

  27. What this guy claims… is actually true. I also built my voice from
    nothing… Now I can sing most of Freddie Mercury and George Michael songs
    and I rule at karaoke nights!

  28. JFDM Mckibben says:

    hey ken I love ur videos, but I was wanting to know if you know where I
    could send a clip of my singing, for someone to tell me what I need work
    on? it could be you or another party that might take the time to listen to
    it. singings a pation of mine and I almost have it down I believe.

  29. Jeannie Kline says:

    You’re bringing back my younger years! Cool! It sounds great.

  30. Laura Tervo says:

    this one I loved instantly- you were so in it, the feeling and what a great
    tone on your lower register. I was astonished after listening the other
    stuff you have in net. You are similar with this to Elvis who was a
    bass-baritone-baritone and tenor at the same time. He was also able to sing
    many different styles of music. Thank you for this feel-good song and great

  31. Artemi tv says:

    So how to sing low? You don’t explain that in your course..

  32. Rodrigo Gabriel Lefosse says:

    I have a low register and I’m trying to reach the higher notes as much as I
    can. With this, seeing your videos are inspiring me a lot better than ever.
    Thank you for this!

  33. Ryan Wester says:

    I hate to sound corny man, but this is inspiring. I’m more of a mid
    baritone myself and I’ve been looking around for methods on singing much
    higher than I do normally. I found you and was convinced you naturally had
    a higher registered voice, but seeing this, it shows me that with years of
    hard work at this, I CAN actually sing at the level you are at. So anyway,
    thanks man. For the lessons of course, but especially the inspiration.

  34. Naomi the space girl says:

    after 15sec of seeing u sing m like : damn I already like this guy 😂 ur

  35. what a voice man! greetings from Argentina, you’re awesome!

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