How to Sing Loud Low Notes! Increase the Volume! (How To Become a Better Singer Series Ep. 2)

Discover all about How to Sing Loud Low Notes! Increase the Volume! (How To Become a Better Singer Series Ep. 2) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Loud Low Notes! Increase the Volume! (How To Become a Better Singer Series Ep. 2).

Hello again Youtube! It’s been a long and busy few weeks, but I’m back!

Hope you enjoy this video! This one discusses how you can increase the volume of your low notes without doing anything other than changing placement of sound and amplifying some ever-so-important overtones!

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30 thoughts on “How to Sing Loud Low Notes! Increase the Volume! (How To Become a Better Singer Series Ep. 2)

  1. David Cyster says:

    Great video. I just want to ask: does yawning help the voice to relax? So,
    if my voice is relaxed, then I can project and reach my low notes.

  2. Andrew Mabon says:

    Zlatopolsky could project a C1 over a church choir. Remarkable man.

  3. Campbell Neff says:

    You can edit out the hissing echo in this video in a few seconds by using a
    free program called Audacity. Just record the audio into Audacity, then
    zoom in on the track until you can isolate and highlight the hiss. Then use
    the “Noise Removal” tool under the “Effects” tab. It will remove the hiss
    from the entire video.
    It sounds like you probably use this or a similar background noise tool
    removal already, but don’t forget to zoom in for smaller sounds as well.
    Huge fan, thanks for all your work!! It is very appreciated.

  4. Great video David! I just really need to ask you a question. I have a
    concert in a week and i have to sing the beloved C1 but i can only sing it
    in the morning. Do you have any tips? I saw you comment on one o your older
    videos reference something you called “bass mode”. If that is the way I
    should go could you give me a little more info about it? I would also love
    to sing a A0 as a fifth below D1 for Misty Mountains Cold. Any advice is
    appreciated. :)

  5. Csgokingezpz says:

    Cool intro there, i dont have the time to watch atm. But i will come back

  6. Another great video man. I love them all. Quick question though, how do you
    resonate in the mask/nasal area without actually putting the sound up your
    nose as it were to that horrible sounding spot (which you weren’t doing but
    I have a hard time avoiding)? Cheers man.

  7. Kyle Haas says:

    Is the “sound placement” something that can bee taught or do you just
    figure it out?

  8. Aus ben93 says:

    Hey mate,

    First off, love your singing style!

    I have a few questions for you in relation to singing.
    Do you have a facebook account I can add as it would be easier to talk
    through FB 👌

  9. Joseph Mitchell says:

    Have you thought about tutorials on whistle notes? I’d be interested in
    learning that! Or if you could recommend a good video to look at! Thanks

  10. Hey David……I’m 18 and have been working on my voice for a little over a
    year with consistent practice…… I recently found your subharmonic
    tutorials and they’ve helped a lot. My current range is from C#2-C4 (or D4
    on a good day). My range, expanded from a soft G2 down to a C#2. My
    speaking voice is roughly the same as your’s but I have been given
    conflicting feedback on when my voice stops changing. I’m not too sure if
    you’re familiar with this topic but will my voice keep changing into my
    20’s or is it pretty much set in stone at 18? I’m not going for Avi Kaplan
    deep but like will it deepen just a touch as I enter my 20’s?
    I’m also trying to hit a C2 in regular chest voice but can only do it in
    the mornings. If I keep working at the subharmonic C2, will I eventually be
    able to hit the C2 in chest voice regularly and not just in the mornings?
    One more thing, is it even worth trying to get, an assumable, soft chest
    voice C2 when I can be working on improving the tone of the other notes at
    the bottom of my range?
    sorry if Ii asked so many questions…I usually try not to bombard people
    with questions but you seem like a really smart guy and you post good
    covers and helpful tutorials.

  11. Marc Eaton says:

    I can’t get the buzzing in my nose, I hear many of the old singers talk
    about it but have yet to accomplish it. Great video and helpful as well,

  12. Kaleb Cowart (KC) says:

    a consistent low chest note that I have is an A2 or G2, and I can’t really
    go much lower than that without lowering my Adams Apple, and I’ve never
    been able to channel the sound to my mask, it’s hard for me to have the
    note anywhere else except for my throat..

  13. Campbell Neff says:

    Here’s a link to my quick and feeble attempt at sub-bass singing. At least
    it spreads the word… Thanks for all your work!

  14. Liam Bruso says:

    I don’t know if you remember my first comment, but I’d just like to share
    some of my progress with you. Like I said before, I’m only 15 and have
    never sung before. Just a week ago my modal range only extended down to an
    e2. However, using some breathing techniques and through practice, I have
    extended my modal range to a c2. However, I can hit an a1 in a modal and
    fry mix on most days. I start chorus for the first time next year. It’s
    truly amazing how much improper technique can influence someone’s ability
    to sing.

  15. Anthony Matar says:

    hey david. I love your videos. I’m 15 and my lowest note is a D2 [C#2
    (morning)]. Is that good?

  16. Bottom note is a Bb1 which I can project over a hall. I can get a G#1 on a
    good day. Any tips to increase ranges? Like downward? I wanna get a G#1 on
    any day, not just a good one. I’m 17 btw

  17. Megatwilightwarrior says:

    I have a couple of questions, one, how old are you?

    Next, is there any way to gauge where your voice will go as you age? Im 17
    and I know where Im hoping my voice will go, and everyone tells me i have a
    deep voice. But i also feel like that if i sing in my higher or just dont
    sing very low in my voice, it could stunt the growth of it?

    So, is there a sort of ballpark estimate of around how many tones you drop
    in a few years? How did it go for you? And will singing in my higher range
    (as its more applicable sometimes) change how my voice will develop in the
    long run? Thanks, i love your vids!

  18. I am 12 and I will be a bass doe you have some new tips

  19. how can i tell where the airflow and the location of the sound are? i
    honestly do things by ear and havent really payed attention to throat
    positioning. I do know that if i dont warm up a bit, and not enough water,
    it’s harder to sing below G3 and give it much volume. but once i warm up,
    usually one Pentatonix song, i bottom out at Eb1. How do i “feel” the
    resonance i guess I’m asking

  20. I am Washington says:

    I speak in that nasal form making low notes come out stronger than the top,
    but I do have a question……what if you can do this nasal placement down
    in the fry register, or is that mix? I do that in fry area alot but it
    sound connected though it doesnt feel connect in my head singing but its
    not pushed either. I can do that down to G1 but aside from that my chest
    ends at about C2.

    also I cant seem to get lower, do you have any exercises I could use to
    help me get lower? The better my breathe control the lower my voice gets
    ive noticed but is there anything aside from breathe that could help.

    and finally , a few months ago my lowest was E2 than weeks ago my lowest
    was D2, a few days ago C#2 and now C2. After C2 it just feels like fry yet
    my chest is vibrating like its chest……Can you explain why this is?
    Mostly in fry my chest doesnt vibrate but when I do this it does till about

  21. David Soto says:

    Please Help! I seem to have come down with a cold or something and I can’t
    seem to sing as low as I used to. This has never happened before. Right
    now, my lowest chest is around a D2 or C2 and I have to really try hard to
    get down that low (my usual lowest chest is A1). What happened, what can I
    do to fix this, and will this go away?

  22. Hey David, quick request from another young bass….. I’ll admit that yeah,
    we all probably enjoy singing low and probably agree that it’s kinda cool
    to sing lower. However, I noticed that you don’t cover too much on the mid
    and upper parts of the range (aside from your de profundis challenge
    video). Do you think you can do a video tutorial or series on how to
    improve the upper parts of our ranges for young basses?

  23. Nickolas Smith says:

    I love these videos plz never stop posting

  24. Hi David!I have a question for you..Is it possible for subharmonic to go
    more than one octave below fundamental?
    I heard you singing F1-is your chest voice F2?

  25. Josephq Castillo says:

    You are a bass or baritone?

  26. healthlevelseven says:

    Hey David, was wondering if you could watch a guy named steve cross in the
    live video of his group rescue doing a song called “battle hymn”, he hits a
    Bb0 and it seems to be a very very strong one. Was wondering if you could
    tell if he’s doing some technique, or maybe he’s just a freak, anyways

  27. Red The channel says:

    Hey david, my chest voice is about a D2 or C2, do you have any tips to get
    lower in chest voice?

  28. MrDCtheKing says:

    Yes hello, I’m doing the having of the 11 years and I have an E-47 is that
    okay for the age that I have acquired?

  29. edward DeLara says:

    Thanks! now when I sing to my low C2 it sounds loud! I’m 14 btw

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