How to Sing Lion and the Lamb BethelLeelandBig Daddy Weave - How to Sing "Lion and the Lamb" (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave)

How to Sing “Lion and the Lamb” (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave)

How to Sing “Lion and the Lamb” (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave) - Discover all about How to Sing “Lion and the Lamb” (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave) by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to Sing “Lion and the Lamb” (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave) and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing “Lion and the Lamb” (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave).

Check out this video for tips on how to sing “Lion and the Lamb” powerfully and confidently! Watch as Charmaine demonstrates how to find a bright tone, how to sing in a contemporary style, and how to form the words so you can hit them freely… with no straining or pushing up! Check out for more tips, training and tutorials!

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5 thoughts on “How to Sing “Lion and the Lamb” (Bethel/Leeland/Big Daddy Weave)”

  1. Hey Charmaine!!! Praise God! It was accidentally that I checked out your videos… May be accidentally for me but yes, well planned by our father in Heaven I believe!! My name is Amylin…. The daughter of the guys you see in the profile pic… I from India. Being honest ,when I first saw the title of the video… I just went nuts ’cause I didn’t find it realistic for someone to tell you how to sing technically correct, our Christian songs which are spirit led I thought. I thought it just came from your heart and worship for me is a daily process and not a one-time thingy.. But anyways I gave it a chance clicked your videos patiently heard it all, promising to not be judgemental from the start. And then when I was done,…. I just said one word PRAISE THE LORD
    This was amazingly blessed. I felt it. People generally don’t give their best when it comes to singing for the Lord… They think only when in a profession you need to be picture- perfect. We always tend to give God our second best. But yes praise God for people like you, who use their God-given talents for His glory alone. You’ll be in our prayers. If a life of true worship and your vocal classes are merged; the Heavens rejoice!! We bless the name of the Lord and change the world around us. Amen I pray. Thank you….

  2. Your videos are super interesting. I’ve never heard singing talked about like this with the idea of using other sounds in place of words to activate tones and resonance. So cool! I’d be interested in your opinion on vocal runs in worship. I think they are used frequently still in contemporary worship songs (taya smith) but there usually used in most songs at the end of phrases. What do you think about that kind of use of runs verses current gospel singers that have a ton of vocals runs throughout a song? (Tasha cobbs) I love both styles personally.

  3. this is great… was waiting however for you to deliver the full song at the end including all of the tips you suggest. i can only imagine you would have really did justice to that song if you actually sung it. but anyway thanks for the tips.

  4. Hi worship vocalist! Really love the way you dug into this song and sectioned/ diced it. Wow! Your video has helped me tons in my preparation for this week (this song is on the list). God bless you for being a great help to many worship leaders out there. Lots of love…

  5. Wow thank you for your words of freedom and releasing our vocals even! So powerful. Thank you Charmaine…your videos are incredibly helpful. You’ve helped me release my voice and for that I am so grateful. God bless you!!!

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