How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist - How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist

How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist

How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist - Discover all about How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist.

Use this singing technique to sound more like your favourite artist, no matter who they are.

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Many singers start out with an idea of the type of voice they would like to have and copying established artists is one of the best ways to learn. In fact, it is how many singers learned their craft before singing lessons and online singing sites like this one were readily available.

Even today I listen to tracks from different artists I admire and I ‘have a lesson with them’ using this method.

Watch the video now to find out how you can start singing like your favourite artist in no time.

Here’s a summary of the video:

1. Pick a track by one of your favourite artists that is not too difficult for you to sing

2. Play a few bars of the song, press pause, rewind and then sing that section with the artist. This isn’t as straight forward as it sounds – what you need to do is to sing EXACTLY like them. This requires a lot of listening. Are you holding your notes for the exact length of time that they hold theirs? Are you hitting your notes straight on or does the artist slide up to her notes?

To get this exactly right does take time. You will need to listen and rewind the song over small sections at a time until there is no difference between your notes and the artists. Yes you will still sound like you BUT this exercise will teach you phrasing.

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  1. I’m a new subbie and LOVE your tips. They are so concise and you speak in
    laymen terms. Thank-you, I am excited to learn more

  2. I’m trying to sing like Meghan Trainor and the don Henley, ik a really big
    difference but I love both of them♥️

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