40 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists REACTION!!!!

  1. Destiny Flowerss says:

    Skrillex is only one person

  2. Viper Venom Plays says:

    ive watched most of ur vids and i simply gotta say ur cool man

  3. you’re going to get sued by the FineBros

  4. Ryan is actually good at singing though

  5. Fluffyhaki _KittyCat says:

    idk but the skrillex one is super catchy XD

  6. Ms. Pencil Topper says:

    5:14 did ya here the airplane or lawnmower

  7. BallisLife Savages says:

    Sam smith sings stay with me

  8. Lindsey Crabtree says:

    My name is dubs I’m just on my moms email

  9. Sharon Flores says:

    There so nice to him other people just judge they actually laugh and relate SUP THO

  10. x TheAverageGamer x says:

    Skrillex is the boss at dubstep. I love everyone of his songs

  11. Jonathan Jonsson says:

    can you react to my vids? I’ve just started youtube and want some feedback…..

  12. Ngo Nguyen says:

    HONEST COMMERCIALS PLEASE! And Evry University please!

  13. You should do a reaction for his songs, such as SWG, coffee love, bromance.

  14. jerry aguilar says:

    Am I the only one that think that the sup tho bros intro sounds like it was recorder by a phone

  15. Neko Senpai says:

    can you guys react to good boy by nigahiga it’s one of his old videos

  16. SavageCabbage21 says:

    honestly I hate reaction videos (I only watch these to cringe at stupid shit) but these guys reactions aren’t fake like the others, to improve they can start by not uploading the whole video

  17. Also btw YOU’RE THAT DU- wait crap wrong channel.

  18. robert slack says:

    What the fuck man that was fucking stupid country song with puberty and hating country songs man please

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