11 thoughts on “How to Sing Like Whitney Houston

  1. ThePianoguy89 says:

    I don’t think no one will ever be able to produce the majestic and
    beautiful sounds of Whitney. I try to sing like her, but I can’t sound
    exactly like her. I only aspire to sound her, although I am a guy, but I
    love her style of singing. She’s such a passionate belter and singer. She
    has the most beautiful and resonant chest voice. Not only her voice is
    powerful, but it’s beautiful. Her overall beautiful tone seperated her from
    other singers. She will definately be missed.

  2. Michelle Beauchamp says:

    Can u train yourself to have a fast vibrato?

  3. highnote32 says:

    I smoke a lot and I’m a singer.

  4. yes you said it…Whitney sings without fear!!!!!

  5. Valeria Condrea says:

    do one with mariah carey’s high notes…please… 🙂

  6. aandre311 says:

    those are called whistle notes… thecnicly is not singing is whistling
    with your vocal folds

  7. aandre311 says:

    tell me about that in 3 or more years

  8. Nadia Riddle says:

    I think we can learn by ourselves but an experient teacher can make you progress faster and in the correct way.

  9. Skyler Weeks says:

    It’s very important to sing with good posture, have the right amount of air, and keep your body relaxed.

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