How To Sing Like Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You – Celine Dion – The Power Of Love

Discover all about How To Sing Like Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You – Celine Dion – The Power Of Love by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You – Celine Dion – The Power Of Love.

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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin teaches KTVA student Gyu Lim How To Sing Like Whitney Houston – Celine Dion – I Will Always Love You – The Power Of Love
Learn The Art Of Amazing Singing!

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39 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You – Celine Dion – The Power Of Love

  1. brian mccoy says:

    Thank god i found you ken
    I wanna learn

  2. ramdane amel says:

    hi ken my name is amel and love your lessons i want to be like her or
    batter if you can help me plz .thanks if you want or you dont

  3. starla sanche says:

    Wow! This is so awesome!! Is there a way you could…maybe…help me pin
    point areas in my voice where I can strengthen to become an actual singer
    like you and this awesome girl? :D

  4. akuapiatas says:

    is she supposed to be trying to sing like Celine and Whitney? Makes me
    laugh more than anything. Good though. The guy is so funny.

  5. Chogel rumba says:

    helo ken namaste m 4rm india and my name is wangel .. i trained for last 3
    yrs in hindustani classical music but i love to sing western vocal .e.g –
    dream theatre ,mr.big etc.. and i love your lessons i want to be like u….
    Actually i love to sing in high notes but sometimes it doesn’t go at that
    range .. Help me out how can i sing in a good way …Reply me as soon as

  6. LudwigSC93 says:

    Wow you are amazing. even women can’t hit your range.. ;)

  7. You are awesome- Mr. Tamplin…I dont even know how found your videos. But
    i was for some songs to sing in Spanish because I sing at a restaurant-
    saturday karoke night. And many are asking me to sing certain sings but i
    would love to sing the high pitch correctly.

  8. SuperMjlova says:

    Hey ken I have a question, my choir director from the time I was 6 to now
    I’m 16 has told me I have perfect pitch, but I got into the habit of
    singing with my chest how do I stop singing with my chest?

  9. 양준모 says:


  10. Gear Grinder says:

    I think he needs training on his controlling in his voice my ears popped!!

  11. Tazmin Dixon says:

    oh my gosh, she’s just adorable and amazing voice!

  12. Gerard Engelbrecht says:

    Ken in your opinion, who do you think are the top 3 female singers
    technically of all time and out of the 3 who is your favorite?

  13. I want to learn how to sing and it would mean so much if you helped me
    because I see all my friends and they can sing really good and I just would
    like to know what im doing right and wrong

  14. Piano Keys says:

    You’ve GOT to come to Scotland and teach me!!

  15. Patil Roupelian says:

    hey Ken, I’m having hard time singe full voice. I always end doing head
    voice instead. Any tips?

  16. Van Helsing says:

    well done student. my headphone has been burst, thanks to you. i have to
    purchase a new one. i admired you for singing performance.

  17. Sheba Sam Benjamin says:

    Sir,i don’t know how to control my voice.Well,it often gets cracky when i
    take high notes.i don’t know how to bring out my voice.plz help me

  18. Joanne Smith says:

    After singing my neck, jaw and tounge muscles feels tense, and voice is
    quite hoarse. What am I doing wrong?

  19. brucenash says:

    so it´s ok to squeeze your abdomen, but not your solar plexus right?

  20. thomas pritchard says:

    She deserves to be famous unlike some people

  21. Maverick Fulledo says:

    ho to sing this in male version.. Im a singer but i cant always sing high

  22. Hector Rodriguez says:

    unreal teacher a master of instruction, thank you.

  23. Hector Rodriguez says:

    this girl is going to be something my God, i can see and hear how much
    better she sounds with his instructions, i wish he lived in NY or NJ i’d
    put some money into learning this craft.

  24. Piotr Ocieczek says:

    Great job! KEN Nice beautiful power voice!

  25. karmpuscookie says:

    I just tried this. My nipples fell off.

  26. Anonymous Dreamer says:

    i can sing all the i will always love you song quite good but coming to the
    last part with the whistle note or any whistle note i struggle and i cant
    do it please help

  27. CupcakeVe says:

    I totally had to turn down my volume omg xD

  28. “how to sing like Whitney Houston” you can’t , no one can sing like Whitney
    , no one.

  29. today you have a new sub. how much for a lesson and have you got teachers
    in london?

  30. Szilvia Catfeed says:

    Fantastic. Helped me so much! thank you!

  31. Isabellah says:

    Where do you teach and how much are lessons?

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