43 thoughts on “How to Sing like Tamar Braxton

  1. Zara Chiron says:

    So glad I stumbled upon this video by accident!

    1. You are BEAUTIFUL! (my goodness!)
    2. Your voice is GORGEOUS
    3. I absolutely admire your expertise, insight, intelligence and skills on
    this subject.

    Thank you so much for existing! ­čÖé

    I’ll definitely be checking for your content :p´╗┐

  2. U always have a but about someones voice Gur bye on that shit by now´╗┐

  3. Sharelle Lucky says:

    Please find another hobby bitch… Go make ur own music and see what u end
    up with… She has waaaayyyy more money than u… U FUCKIN hater… Ur so
    damn stupid… Stop hating… ´╗┐

  4. ýí░Űáłýáä says:

    Thank you! for all of your lesson! You’re my dream singer. You’re really
    unbelievable singer & trainer !!´╗┐

  5. SuperHurricane75 says:

    What school is this? Its called head voice and chest voice. Whitney did
    that ALL THE TIME! No having attachments and then no attachments.´╗┐

  6. stefani curington says:

    Ok…. U cant say that she’s using the back of her throat for lower
    registers…. #getyolife
    Cause u have no idea what ur talking about´╗┐

  7. Armari Rodgets says:

    don’t do that again´╗┐

  8. Jessica Alford says:


  9. Quick Singing Tips says:

    To be honest I have never really listened to her. I was aware that she was
    related to Toni Braxton and apparently she was on the reality series as
    well. The few times I have heard her she did remind me of Toni for sure!
    Your video makes me want to go check her out further. Thank you for your
    professional opinion on what makes her voice shine and what also might be
    holding her back.
    I just went real quick and watched her ÔÇťlove and warÔÇŁ video and I think she
    has a lovely voice and will be listening to more of her stuff in the
    future. Nice to hear a real singer:-]
    Best, Marvin´╗┐

  10. Elbony Brewton says:

    girl you taught me some stuff i feel what ur saying she did stay hoarse
    alot i like how ur not bashing her but just giving constructive criticism
    some people cant accept that well but i definitely get where ur going with

  11. ccishot564 says:

    You sound nothing like tamar.´╗┐

  12. ccishot564 says:

    And she is not a true soprano.´╗┐

  13. Queen Nsuccess says:

    I’m a alot.Man i wannt be a soprano so bad.´╗┐

  14. Theodric Daniel says:

    I love your comments on vocal analysis can you check me channel and tell me
    if you could work with me´╗┐

  15. Erica Cochran says:

    can you do Tamia please´╗┐

  16. Mariah Carey Fan says:

    Awesome video Dileesa!! I think the only thing that actually bothers me
    about Tamar is her pitch issues, she doesn’t seem to focus on that.
    However, when she does focus on her pitch, she slays.´╗┐

  17. Jessi Jackson says:

    I love Tamar’s voice. Can you do Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Price, Deborah Cox,
    and Shanice Wilson voices I love their voices as well.´╗┐

  18. Shakira Holt says:

    I know that this is an old video, but YES, Dileesa!!! I could not agree
    more. Tamar has a beautiful voice, but she has developed a complex of bad
    habits that hold her voice back. I really like her as a singer, but I have
    yet to buy even one single from her. This frustrates me, given how gifted
    she is. I will also add that she has some habits that inhibit her live
    performances. Even when she is alone in the spotlight, I don’t feel
    that Tamar is filling up that space with her otherwise huge presence. Her
    live performances feel as though she is a bgv who got pulled suddenly into
    center stage. That problem with “forward placement” that you identify in
    her vocals is larger than just vocals. If you ever get the chance to work
    with her, please help her to own the stage in addition to minimizing the
    bad vocal habits.´╗┐

  19. I would love for her to coach me´╗┐

  20. Logan Lewis (Logan) says:

    can you do a how to sing like keke wyatt?´╗┐

  21. Amber Nicole says:

    Girl bye! An you are???´╗┐

  22. Ma’am? Have you heard their Christmas album? Id enjoy watching a video of
    you reviewing it´╗┐

  23. Jerome Powell says:

    As a singer my self its call vocal contortions ti give difrrent textures
    and tones. Its some what like what Tata vega does. I know plenty singers
    like brandy for one that use their lower register and use it correctly. In
    my opinion its just the soundvof her tone at thus lower register. Toni
    braxton use of her voice is flawless and she is a very skilled singer and
    that’s just her tone. It doesn’t sound like the back of the throat to me.
    Every body tones are diffrent and just because their nit light and bright
    tones doesnr mean they singing incorectly´╗┐

  24. Jerome Powell says:

    Its crescendo . So are you saying she should sang everything in one tone.
    I’m like so not getting where your coming from. To me those rhings are what
    give life to a song and to ones vocal delivery…..I’m so lost right now.
    What’s your take on kim Burrell´╗┐

  25. Jannisha Jones says:

    You can’t sung if you want to sound like he watch my video´╗┐

  26. florence bills says:

    oh beware of headphones in the beginning´╗┐

  27. Trina Smith says:

    Tamar is beautiful she sounds better then a you are a teacher´╗┐


    Can you do Kim Burrell´╗┐

  29. J Stephen says:

    Tamar is NOT a great singer.Emulate the beauty of Whitney’s voice. But this
    Tamar… no bueno.´╗┐

  30. Trina Smith says:

    you are just mad baby Gyrl she is the pro and you are not do u have a
    contract nope and yes I am a lesbian don’t be mad cause I had to let you
    know that she sounds great it’s my and a lot of people opinion like you
    gave ur opinion bout her I’m giving u mines´╗┐

  31. Since she was ToniÔÇÖs back up singer for so many years, she seems to wield
    the same brand of sensuality and vocal tics her older sister is famous for
    (breathy, hollow, muddled). Not only that, TamarÔÇÖs much lighter, ringing,
    metallic Soprano voice is also reminiscent of Mariah CareyÔÇÖs in her beltsÔÇŽ.
    unlike Carey’s slight warm brassy tone, Tamar has an intense, cold metallic
    sound at the top of her voice´╗┐

  32. ronnie head says:

    this is my first time watching…do you have videos where you are singing a
    song in its entirety´╗┐

  33. natalie hayden says:

    You have an amazing way with words and your analysis is on point. I’ve only
    watched like three of your videos and I already see a big difference in my
    voice. Keep up the good work!´╗┐

  34. Charietta Lane says:

    I wish you would have song the song a little more than talking.. your voice
    is nice please do a redo and sing this song´╗┐

  35. nini bryant says:

    Is she throwen shade to Toni the Braxton living legend??!!!???´╗┐

  36. Javier Miller says:

    It also helped me with my breathing, posture, and articulation as well as breaking some bad habits.

  37. I love to sing but I have absolutely no pure talent!!

  38. Lillian Sutton says:

    The choir meets weekly at Galeri Caernarfon during term time under the bilingual leadership of the professional singer and vocal tutor Jenny Pearson.

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