How to sing Like Steve Perry and strengthening Registers

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Well I’ve been down with a very bad back injury for a while struggling through gigs. But I finally did surgery after 20 years of this on 7/14/17. So while I can’t do much I made a video on Why it’s so important to strengthen the registers and not just yell turning “ee to eh” or oo to aho” That just weakens the voice and makes you sound strange . so enjoy.. Please excuse my slurring as I am on some pretty heavy pain meds lol..Dont forget I give free Skype consultations and teach on Skype reach me at

10 thoughts on “How to sing Like Steve Perry and strengthening Registers

  1. Hey Daniel, I have a question on strengthening registers. You told me to utilise that strong head voice as a starting point last year on notes above the Ab4-A4, and while I have strengthened it a lot (my voice teacher told me that my head voice is quite thick that it is extremely close to a mix sound now), I still have not found that sweet spot where I can sing like Sam Smith or Steve Perry with seemingly no difference between the chest and head registers. How do you know if you are doing it correctly?

  2. Steverino Gateserelli says:

    sorry to see your wishes bro get better…

  3. First of all i wish you get well soon, second i wish you make a “How to strengthen the registers” series! I would like to see your approach, also i think it would be interesting if you had a complete vocal program.

    Thanks for the video, wish you the best

  4. floydthebarber71 says:

    Happy anniversary and get well soon! When will you be back (no pun intended) well enough to consult on Skype? I’ve been looking to contact you for a while

  5. Gerardo Zacarias Sepulveda Hellman says:

    I hope you get well soon… really good advice …bye

  6. TheGriff7628 says:

    Daniel, I bet, like most of us, you are devastated with What happened to Chris Cornell. I bet you could do a wonderful tribute for him. Great to see you back!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Keep taking those pain meds. ha, ha. Jeanne

  8. Joseph Moore says:

    Thanks for the video man. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Talk soon.

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